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Weekend Fun

Happy Monday Friends!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

We had the most wonderful weekend full of no plans. And the next few weekends are already looking pretty busy, so it was nice not having anywhere we HAD to be.

A few weeks ago at the ACS event we attended BTR and I bought a gift card to a restaurant in Edwardsville called Cleveland-Heath. We’ve been wanting to eat there FOREVER so it just made sense to buy the gift card in the auction. Well about a week ago they announced that the chefs sold the restaurant and were moving to Utah. Cue my panicking because I really wanted to eat there because one of … read more

Friday Favorites – Guess Who’s Back!

Hey remember me? My name’s Liz and apparently this is my blog? Yeah I know, I’ve been totally MIA this month, but we’ve been so busy. And I’m such a bad blogger I even missed my one year blogging anniversary! Granted my first post literally said “hi I’m starting a blog” but still! So as a start to getting back into the swing of things, here’s my Friday Favorites!

School started this week and BTR is back in the classroom and I’m totally missing him. And it’s only been two days. Luckily Jude isn’t as super clingy to him as he was earlier this summer (like he would scream … read more


This week’s edition of “Currently…” is all about Jude’s first birthday!

Loving – this little outfit Jude received as a gift. Plaid shorts for the win!

Wishing – Brandon could stay home from work more often! Luckily he was off for spring break still yesterday so we decided to head to the zoo. It sprinkled a few times, but nothing horrible. The best part was the zoo was practically empty! I think Jude really enjoyed the hippos!

Impressed – with my cake skills. I honestly can’t remember the last time I baked a cake (probably one of BTR’s crazy birthday cakes a few years ago) so I was pretty impressed … read more