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Cold Buster Tea Recipe

Right before Christmas I got a cold. And I just could not kick it. So I finally took the advice of social media and ordered a Medicine Ball at Starbucks. And holy cow it was amazing. Did it cure me? Ehhhhhh, I’m not a doctor. But I can say it tasted delicious and made me feel better in the moment.

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Jumpin’ Into Monday Like

Hi friends! I thought I’d do a quick little weekend recap since we had so much fun!

Friday morning we had a play date with friends that led to a lazy afternoon. Which quite honestly are my favorite afternoons! That night BTR and I finally got around to starting Big Little Lies and we opened a fancy beer, PARKAS from 2nd Shift!

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Christmas 2017

Because I still consider this blog to be a scrapbook of sorts (and let’s be honest, the only actual scrapbooking I’m doing is Chatbooks) I wanted to throw up a quick Christmas recap post. Side note: I never published a Christmas recap last year but I have all the pictures sitting in a folder on my desktop. Sooooo I might be publishing and backdating that post this week.

Also, this is more of a recap of the entire month of December. Here we go…

BTR and I designed some new ornaments to cut on the laser.

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Making Space Course

So I really want to show you a “before” photo of my closet, but I’m scared you’ll all run away and not be my friend. I pretty much haven’t purged any clothes since before I was pregnant with Jude. And actually probably long before that. Because I definitely still have all my work clothes when I had an office job. And we all know I’m never going back to that office. Seriously, never going back. So why am I hanging onto all of it?

Making Space Course

I’m probably hoping that someone will magically come purge and organize for me. Have you ever hired a personal stylist? My friend Dacy does just that. … read more

Toddler Boy Holiday Outfits

Toddler Boy Holiday Outfits with OshKosh B’gosh | Ellie And Addie

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

When we went on our first Christmas adventure of the season (cutting down our tree) I was so excited to dress the boys in their new OshKosh B’gosh outfits.… read more