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Sweet Treats To Share

Sweet Treats To Share: OREO Chocolate King Size Candy Bars on Rollback at Walmart [ad] #OREOChocolate #KingSizeRollBack #Walmart #IC When I was doing some last minute (seriously last minute) birthday shopping this weekend at Walmart I saw my favorite candy bars, OREO Chocolate King Size Candy Bars, on Rollback in the checkout lane! So obviously I grabbed a handful of them because they were only $1 each! These candy bars are seriously my favorite, they are made with Milka chocolate and they are so rich and chocolatey!… read more

Cold Buster Tea Recipe

Right before Christmas I got a cold. And I just could not kick it. So I finally took the advice of social media and ordered a Medicine Ball at Starbucks. And holy cow it was amazing. Did it cure me? Ehhhhhh, I’m not a doctor. But I can say it tasted delicious and made me feel better in the moment.

Cold Buster Tea Recipe - A homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe using Tazo Teasread more