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Friday Favorites

I hope you all had a LOVEly week (see what I did there?) I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from this past week with you!

Jude and I got semi-crafty with Valentine’s for his class! It was PAWsome.

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One On One With The Second One

One On One With The Second One | Ellie And Addie

For better or worse, Ezra has had a totally different 18 months than Jude did, as he was our first kid. And we also had no idea what we were doing with Jude. But because Ezra is our second (and no we still don’t have any idea what we are doing) he has a much different personality than Jude. He might not get as much one on one attention or brand new clothes like Jude #secondchildproblems, but he has been exposed to so much more and is much more independent than Jude was at the same age!

One On One With The Second One | Ellie And Addie

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Jumpin’ Into Monday Like

Hi friends! I thought I’d do a quick little weekend recap since we had so much fun!

Friday morning we had a play date with friends that led to a lazy afternoon. Which quite honestly are my favorite afternoons! That night BTR and I finally got around to starting Big Little Lies and we opened a fancy beer, PARKAS from 2nd Shift!

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Christmas 2017

Because I still consider this blog to be a scrapbook of sorts (and let’s be honest, the only actual scrapbooking I’m doing is Chatbooks) I wanted to throw up a quick Christmas recap post. Side note: I never published a Christmas recap last year but I have all the pictures sitting in a folder on my desktop. Sooooo I might be publishing and backdating that post this week.

Also, this is more of a recap of the entire month of December. Here we go…

BTR and I designed some new ornaments to cut on the laser.

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Last Minute Holiday Greetings

Last Minute Holiday Greetings with Mpix | Ellie And Addie

In a past life I designed stationery. Wedding suites, holiday cards, birthday invitations, note pads. And on occasion I still design. But the reality is I just do not have the time these days. With helping with BTR Woodworks, running the laser, blogging, and oh yeah, keeping two toddlers happy, I just didn’t have the energy to design our Christmas cards this year.… read more