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Cold Buster Tea Recipe

Right before Christmas I got a cold. And I just could not kick it. So I finally took the advice of social media and ordered a Medicine Ball at Starbucks. And holy cow it was amazing. Did it cure me? Ehhhhhh, I’m not a doctor. But I can say it tasted delicious and made me feel better in the moment.

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The Most Festive Weekend

We just had the busiest and fastest and most festive weekend ever! Let’s do a quick recap of all the fun!

Friday night BTR and I hustled and shipped out tons of BTR Woodworks orders and ran the laser nonstop. This is legit the craziest time of the year! Check out my IG stories to see some behind the scenes videos!

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Weekend Fun – Mother’s Day

Hi Friends!

A little late to the weekend recap, Jude was sick yesterday so all we did was nap and snuggle! We did however have the most wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and I wanted to share it!

Saturday morning I snuck out for a mani-pedi with my mom and it was glorious! I got gel on my hands and I love it so much. I need to make time for that to happen more often!

While I was gone BTR and Jude worked on some Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma’s!

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