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Friday Favorites

I hope you all had a LOVEly week (see what I did there?) I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from this past week with you!

Jude and I got semi-crafty with Valentine’s for his class! It was PAWsome.

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Christmas 2017

Because I still consider this blog to be a scrapbook of sorts (and let’s be honest, the only actual scrapbooking I’m doing is Chatbooks) I wanted to throw up a quick Christmas recap post. Side note: I never published a Christmas recap last year but I have all the pictures sitting in a folder on my desktop. Sooooo I might be publishing and backdating that post this week.

Also, this is more of a recap of the entire month of December. Here we go…

BTR and I designed some new ornaments to cut on the laser.

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Day In The Life – October 2017

Hi Friends! Get ready for lots of pictures and not a lot of text. Because well, I forgot to actually write my Day In The Life until a week and a half later and I’m trying to remember everything based on pictures. :) And don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday (that’s tomorrow) to see the entire roundup for this quarter’s Day In The Life!

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Brandon – 32 years old
Liz – 31 years old
Jude – 3 years and 6 months
Ezra – 1 year and 5 months
Ellie – 10 years old
Addie – 7 years old

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Friday Favorites

Well hello there Friday! It’s the weekend. Finally. And not just any weekend. It’s a LONG weekend. We don’t have any crazy plans and I’m pretty excited about it. Of course that could change at any second knowing us. Let’s get down to it!

Addie girl turned 7 this week and I didn’t remember until 5 pm. But she did get to eat all of Ezra’s lunch he threw on the floor, so win?

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Ezra is my new errands buddy while Jude is at school and he’s been a champ. We went to CFA, Old Navy, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Fresh Thyme on Tuesday. And then … read more