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The Story of… BTR Woodworks

I’ve told you about me, BTR, and Jude, but today I’m going to tell you all about BTR’s woodworking business! 

It all started when after we got married and built a house and BTR’s grandpa bought him tools as our wedding present. We had previously always lived in apartments so we didn’t have anything! His first project was building the deck on the back of our house. It’s probably the most used thing he’s ever built, we eat dinner out there every night during warmer months.

An anniversary present to me, the numbers are all of the addresses we’ve lived at together.

He started out building birdhouses … read more

The Story of… Jude

I’ve already told you about me (here and here) and last week I told you about BTR (here). Well today you get to learn all about Jude! Considering he’s only 5 months old there isn’t that much to know, so get ready for lots of photos. :)

how we told everyone we were expecting

We were so excited to find out we were going to have a baby. I made this onsie with my Cricut and iron-on vinyl to take photos to send to our friends and family (and of course then post on facebook and instagram).

gender reveal!

We were also excited to find out … read more

The Story of… BTR

I already told you more about me here and here. Today I’m going to talk more about BTR!

First, “BTR” is Brandon’s initials. I started calling him that sometime in college and it stuck. Even some of my and his friends and their significant others call him BTR.

BTR’s Jeep in high school and the birthday cake I made him

Brandon and I met in high school, the summer after my freshman year. He is only nine months older than me, but we are separated by one school year. I went to the small catholic high school and he went to one of the two public high schools in … read more

The Story of… Liz – part 2

Picking up from yesterday

breaking ground on our house

breaking ground on our house

After getting engaged and me losing my dream job, BTR and I decided it was probably time for us to move back to the STL area. We got an apartment in Lafayette Square. The idea was that BTR would get a teaching job in the STL public school system and I would find an accounting job downtown. Well life is pretty funny. I had NO luck finding a job and BTR was offered a job back in Belleville. He commuted to Belleville for a year while I planned our wedding as my new “job” since I hadn’t found a real … read more

The Story of… Liz – part 1

So I figured I need to do a post about me! I know you’re all just dying to know my deepest, darkest secrets! :) I’m going to call these “The Story of…” because I know I’ll eventually have lots of stories to tell!

I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, also known as Belleville, IL. I went to a small Catholic grade school, which led to the Catholic high school in town. I was a dancer in grade school and was on the dance team for a few years in high school as well. Oh and I was on the yearbook staff (nerd alert) in high school. I … read more