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DIY Lego Table

This post was sponsored by Creative QT but all opinions are my own. We love supporting other small-parent owned businesses! This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve been wanting to make Lego table for Jude for months and I finally got around to it. It’s the easiest DIY Lego table you’ve ever seen. You only need a few things to make this happen. And thanks to Creative QT for partnering with me on this project, they are awesome and I can’t wait to share their product with you!

DIY Lego Table - The easiest DIY Lego Table with an IKEA Lack table and Creative QT Peel-And-Stick Baseplates! Works with Duplos or regular Legos! By Ellie And Addieread more

Toddler Distractions

So let’s talk about feeding babies. Or actually, let’s talk about what you’re supposed to do with your toddler while feeding the baby. Yeah it’s fun, right? #saidnooneever

Toddler Distractions | Ellie And Addie

Regardless of how you are feeding the baby (nursing, bottles, pumping, etc) you basically become completely helpless and at the mercy of whatever your toddler wants to do during that time. And I’m not naming any names, but I may have found apple butter smeared on the wall in my hallway (ahem, Jude). And I’m still not naming names but it still isn’t cleaned up (ahem, Liz).

So what did I do? Came up with some fun surprises that Jude ONLY gets … read more