Easter Basket Gift Ideas

How about a little round up of ideas for your Easter Basket this year?

Easter Basket Gift Ideas - The best Easter basket gifts for your little one! From EllieAndAddie.com

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I See Me: Egg-Cellent All-in-One Gift Set
I just got these in the mail and OMG are they cute! The place mats are going to be so fun to use year after year and Jude is going to get a kick out of seeing his own name in that coloring book! It even had a place to personalize who it was from! And don’t forget the stickers. Which we cannot get enough of in this house! Bonus, I See Me is having an Easter sale through March 23!

Botley the Coding Robot
I’m a big fan of all of Learning Resources toys and this coding robot looks absolutely amazing! He doesn’t require any extra screens and he comes with a 77 piece activity set! You can set him up for an obstacle course or have him follow a black line path that you draw. Jude is really into how things work right now and this would be perfect for him!

Butterfly Growing Kit
This kit is so much fun for any age (adults included)! We actually already have the habitat so we just need to order a new cup of caterpillars this year! This set includes a voucher to order them from the Insect Lore website. Make sure you check the temperatures outside before ordering!

Set of Toy Balls
Ezra is OBSESSED with everything and anything ball related so I know he is going to flip when he sees these!

Sidewalk Chalk
Everyone needs a new set of sidewalk chalk for the summer! These are a perfect basket stuffer.

Race Car Maker Dough Set
These new dough sets from Green Toys look like SO much fun! Jude has really been into play-doh lately (and he doesn’t mix his colors, clearly my kid) and I think he would love making race cars! They also have a cake maker set, flower maker set, and meal maker set that are all as equally cute!

Kinetic Sand
How awesome is sand that doesn’t get all over? Yup kinetic sand for the win! I love how it holds its shape and is kind of a stress reliever. Maybe we play with this more for me than them?

Tempera Paint Sticks
Both boys love painting and coloring with these sticks! It dries super quick and the colors are so vivid. These are such a fun addition to any art center!

Green Toys Watering Can Set
We have one of these, but we are definitely going to need a second this summer for our garden so both boys can help!

Have you guys heard of AirFort? They are these amazing inflatable tents for kids and all you need is a box fan. They inflate in seconds and then it’s play time! I think Jude and E would LOVE playing in this and I would LOVE not having all my pillows and blankets thrown about my house.

Any other fun Easter basket gifts I need to get? Let me know in the comments!