Making Space Course

So I really want to show you a “before” photo of my closet, but I’m scared you’ll all run away and not be my friend. I pretty much haven’t purged any clothes since before I was pregnant with Jude. And actually probably long before that. Because I definitely still have all my work clothes when I had an office job. And we all know I’m never going back to that office. Seriously, never going back. So why am I hanging onto all of it?

Making Space Course

I’m probably hoping that someone will magically come purge and organize for me. Have you ever hired a personal stylist? My friend Dacy does just that. And while I’ve secretly (ok it’s not really a secret) always wanted to hire her to come help me purge and organize and shop, two things have held me back. One I’m slightly embarrassed and really don’t want anyone to see the inside of my closet. And two the cost. Stylists aren’t cheap (and for good reason, they do awesome things and work hard!!) and I wasn’t sure I was ready to make that investment.

Making Space Course

SO when Dacy announced she was creating an online course doing exactly what she does with her one-on-one clients I was immediately on board. Like I wanted to sign up 3 months ago but she told me I had to wait and I almost cried. Ok I didn’t really cry. But now that it’s here I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to purge ALL the things. Starting with that closet of course!

Here’s some details about the course and about Dacy…

Making Space Course

I’m really excited to tell you about a brand new program from my friend Dacy at mindful closet. Dacy has worked one-on-one with over 200 personal styling clients to help them minimize their wardrobes and shop mindfully. Her clients reclaim the time and energy they were spending on getting dressed for more important things.

She’s just created a brand new online course called Making Space. The course guides you through her proven step-by-step system that she uses with clients: defining your style, editing, overcoming common stumbling blocks, and creating a mindful shopping list. The content includes PDFs, videos, a private Facebook group for discussing and a weekly live Facebook Q&A. By the end of the 4-week course, you’ll have a closet with only things you love and wear.

The course goes on sale for $147 on January 5th and the price goes up to $197 on January 9th. The first module will be delivered on January 14th. There are limited spots available. You can check out this program here and get started on Making Space today.

More info:

The course is four weeks long. Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email with the class for the week. In each class, there is a video to watch, workbook exercises to complete, and homework for you to do in your closet. There will also be a private Facebook group where you can share about your progress with the other class members and interact with Dacy. Every Thursday at 7pm cst, she’ll do a Facebook Live session in the private group to answer any specific questions that may have come up for you during the week’s work.

Week 1: Define your why, your style, and take inventory
Week 2: How to edit step-by-step
Week 3: Overcoming common stumbling block
Week 4: Organizing and continuing the momentum mindfully

Making Space Course

SO I’ve signed up and purchased the course and I’d love to have friends to do it with! Sign up with my affiliate link here! –> Making Space Course