Friday Favorites and A #StarSpangledKids Announcement

Happy Friday Favorites Friends! Today is a fun one!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the THIRD annual #StarSpangledKids link up is coming next week! I’ve got an awesome crew of co-hosts (see below) and I cannot wait for everyone to link up and share their photos on social. It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for me at least)!

Star Spangled Kids 2017 [#StarSpangledKids]

So head back here on July 1 (or anytime through July 7) to link up your blog posts and tag your photos on Instagram with #StarSpangledKids so we can see them and like them!

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Jude’s preschool paperwork came in the mail yesterday. After having a panic attack about parent teacher conferences and supply lists (no seriously) I decided it was time to get on the potty training bandwagon. I’ve read approximately zero articles or books on this topic so send me all the tips and tricks please.

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

We have a Cars obsessed toddler so we took Jude on a date to the movies this Tuesday (because tickets are only $5 on Tuesday plus free popcorn!). It was his first movie and he actually did amazing until the last like 10 minutes. Which makes me so happy because going to the movies is one of my favorite things! A lot of our local theaters do free or cheap movies during the summer for kids so I might try and take him to another one in a few weeks!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

We also went blackberry picking at Eckert’s this week! Check out my post here to see all the pics and to get the recipe for these amazing cocktails, you definitely want to make them!

Blackberry Cocktails Two Ways | Ellie And Addie

Did you see my post yesterday? I’m talking all about the awesome Incredibundles company and why they are the best for sending gifts! Plus I’m giving away a $50 gift card! Go enter!

All-In-One Gifting with Incredibundles | Ellie And Addie

Happy Friday Friends!

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  • Jessica

    I’m so pumped for the link up!! Thanks for thinking of me. Wahoo! You will rock potty training. Set a timer for every 15-20 minutes. If he doesn’t go set it for 5. Lots of books, kindle, iPad, etc while sitting. He’ll get it. :)

    • YAY! Thank you for co-hosting with us!! We did a timer yesterday and he did *okay* but I know it’s just going to be a process! And I’m totally not above bribes! :)

  • Brettni @ HoneysuckleAvenue

    As far as potty training goes, Delta Mae trained at an earlier age than Wyatt, but it only took a weekend with both. I just did naked time all weekend + took them to the potty every 30 minutes or so. There were lots of accidents over the weekend but they picked it up really fast.

    I can’t wait to co-host #StarSpangledKids with you!!


    • So much naked this weekend! HAHA He’s getting there, it just might take some time. I’m not above bribes either!

      • Brettni @ HoneysuckleAvenue

        Yes!!! M+M’s everytime. ??????

  • potty training! oh boy! i think we may start this summer and i’m reading a very old school book that i hope proves helpful.

    • Make sure she’s ready! I keep wondering if we are pushing him. He gets the concept, but it seems hard for him which makes me second guess our timing. We can trade notes at dinner!

  • Yay for Star Spangled Kids! Im announcing on Monday :) We just finished week 1 of potty training- it was much easier the second time around (despite my high anxiety) because we waited until B was almost 3! She totally got it and even woke up at midnight last night to go potty. Best of luck! I also bring the travel potty with us on outings and a change of clothes but being prepared trumps all.

    • I know potty training E will be so much easier, but man doing this the first time ever is not fun. I know he’ll get it eventually!

      • The first time is ALWAYS daunting- you can do this mama! :)