Currently – the one with the BUNNIES

HI FRIENDS! We’ve been busier than busy lately so I’ve been neglecting this space. I just wanted to pop in with a quick tour of what we’re up to and a million things I’ve gotten in the mail recently!

IN LOVE – with the new personalized Easter buckets and bunnies we got from Peek-a-whoo! Jude already had a bunny and they graciously sent us a bunny for Ezra this year. But I couldn’t resist ordering matching egg hunting buckets also! The order deadline for bunnies is March 31 and if you check their Instagram you can probably find a discount code to use!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Grateful – for the most amazing neighbors ever who recently gifted us with this tractor. Their kiddos have outgrown it and they knew we would love it. And love it we do! I see lots of fun coming this summer!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Eyeing – the strangest Influenster Vox Box I’ve ever received. Influenster is so much fun, and they send you free stuff! But somehow I was pegged as a beauty blogger and they always want to send me makeup and I’m like yeah no thanks. But they recently sent this box of randomness. Thanks Influenster!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Drinking – my apple cider vinegar. I do a tablespoon in a small glass of water and chug. How do you drink it?

Loving – these sweet brothers. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt playdate yesterday and Jude was so sweet to Ezra and even helped him get some eggs! I’m so excited to hunt eggs at Eckert’s this weekend!!!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Trying – to get Ezra to eat new foods. He loves pouches and yogurt, but we’re still working on more solids. He loves bananas in this Boon feeder!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Looking – for more apps for my Apple Watch. Also looking for more Apple Watch Activity friends! Let me know if you want to be friends!!

Checking – the mailbox for more goodies from Seventh Generation’s Generation Good! They recently sent me these laundry detergent samples and dishwasher pods for free, just for being a member! I really love this detergent because it’s unscented and gets all our clothes clean!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

And these dishwasher pods dissolve perfectly in our dishwasher, which was a problem I had been having with our last ones. I will definitely be buying these next time I’m at the store!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Also – in my mailbox was this Target beauty box I ordered! I had skipped the last few, but this one looked fun. And I always love travel size shampoo, conditioner, and other goodies!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Needing – a nap. Anybody else this tired?

Happy Wednesday Friends!

  • Jessica

    Okay I’ve heard of drinking apple cider vinegar before, but tell me more about it. I love the buckets and bunnies. So adorable!

    • Confession, I’m not actually sure *why* I’m drinking the apple cider vinegar. Some say its a myth, some say it’s healthy. I don’t mind the taste so I figured why not! And i’m obsessed with buckets and bunnies now!!!

  • Target Beauty Box? How do I not know about this? Tell me more!

    • OMG they are the BEST. I think they have a new one every month are so and they are only $7! I have a stash of shampoos and other things that I love using to switch up! They actually had two for April and I ordered them both, because I’m a total sucker.

      • How do you order one?

        • I usually see them in one of the many, many emails they send me. I’ll tag you next time I see them though!! WAIT, I just checked the site and they are still there! Search for “beauty box” and they should be the first things!

  • Laura Keenan

    Love those baskets! As soon as we decide on a name for this new baby, I’m ordering matching ones for the boys! And I drive my ACV with honey & cold water!

    • I’ll have to try my ACV like that tomorrow! And I’m a total sucker for matching monogrammed anything. But deciding a name is hard! Do you share or is it a secret? We are secret keepers!