Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot

This post is sponsored by OXO Tot, but all opinions are my own.

How is it that I did this whole baby thing less than two years ago yet I can’t remember anything? I’m not the only one with total mom brain, right?!?

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

Since Ezra is getting closer to the one year mark (wait, WHAT?) I’m really trying to incorporate more real food into his diet.

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

But here’s the thing, I think I’m doing terrible at it. Like if it’s not puréed baby food I don’t know what to feed him. Now he would be totally happy with bottles, purées, and puffs all day long, but I know we need to give him something a little more substantial!

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

Also, I can’t completely remember, but I’m pretty sure when we stopped giving Jude bottles all he ate was hot dogs. So I would like to maybe not repeat that with this one. I mean that’s why you have more than one kid, right? So you do everything right the second time around… KIDDING!

Regardless of what he’s eating, I pretty much ALWAYS put on this Roll-Up Bib from OXO Tot. I love that it’s fabric at the top so it’s comfortable around his neck and then at the bottom, it’s structured silicone so it always stays open to catch his crumbs and drips.

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

So I’ve also got these awesome Glass Baby Blocks from OXO Tot but I have no idea what to put in them. They are pretty cool because they can go straight from the freezer to the oven or microwave. Plus the blocks sit in a tray so you can stack them on top of each other. An organization dream for the freezer! But please don’t look in my freezer right now.

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

I love that the bib rolls up into itself and then clips closed. We actually have two of these bibs and one of them lives in the diaper bag for eating on the go! I also store the On-the-Go Feeding Spoon and case in the diaper bag too.

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

Another thing I’m really trying to get better about is giving Ezra cups of water. We didn’t have too hard of a time transitioning Jude from the bottle to sippy cups, but we did try about 90374598734578 different cups before we found one he liked.

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

I really love the Transitions Sippy Cup so far for Ezra! And he has figured it out for the most part too! It has a soft spout (so it mimics his bottle which is why I think he likes it so much) with an attached lid, which I love because then I know it stays clean in the diaper bag but I also can’t lose the lid. Win win! The cup also comes with a training lid and disc that can be eventually removed when your baby is no longer a baby. Which hopefully is never. :)

Mealtime Milestones with OXO Tot | Ellie And Addie

Okay help me feel better, what have you (or have you not) fed your baby? I think I’m going to read over this post from OXO to get some ideas!

You tell me, what should I start feeding him and storing in my new glass blocks?

  • Jessica

    Girl, mom brain is so real. And I defintiely forgot everything between my two. Ha ha! Cam did tons of purees and we started slowly introducing food cut up small. He loved bananas and mini pancakes (and still does) for breakfast. Emmy didn’t like purees at all. She would refuse them, so we basically did Baby Led Weaning with her. She did great. I’d just put things in those mesh holders or cook and have things she could hold and she’d go to town. No worries momma. Do you!

    • I think I need to read up on BLW for Ezra! He’s always grabbing food off our plates (or stealing it from Jude)! At least he likes to eat, I can’t get Jude to eat a cookie these days lol.

  • So opposite of what we went through! My little man REFUSED baby food so he started eating real people food at about five months! Crazy kid! I guess we just kinda fell into baby led weaning. ;-)

  • Jenny Lee

    I honestly love all things OXO and now that they make things for the little ones…Im in 7th heaven. Mine loved peach puree, sweet potatoes and chicken soup (pureed). The containers are great for portioning the giant yogurt container that we get at costco too! :)

    • I love all my OXO cooking tools, and now I love the baby stuff too! Great idea to buy a giant yogurt and then split it up!

  • I did really good with the early baby food making. Now that my sons two I’m not doing so hot. I tried making veggie cakes. Let’s just say huge fail over here. My son did love sweet potatoes steamed and puréed with a little pear. Good luck!!

    • It gets harder as they get older because then they start to have an opinion! My two year old is definitely pickier than my 11 month old!

  • Livi

    These are so nice! I used something like this when my littles were babies!

  • Tamara Goyette

    I’ve never heard of this company before. I love the looks of the bib and utensils.

  • We couldn’t live without OXO tot or OXO!

  • This is such an exciting time!! Oh how fun!!!

  • Alyssa Funk

    My little one loved homemade mango/peach puree and spinach/raspberry! We love OXO products!

  • Van Nguyen

    Acorn squash, riced cauliflower.