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Taking CARE with Boon

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So like everything about being a parent is hard. There I said it. Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about something that will make your parent life easier. All in one little bundle.

Taking CARE with Boon | Ellie And Addie

Well thanks to Boon and their new CARE bundle, taking care of your baby just got easier. No seriously. I remember registering when I was pregnant with Jude and I was completely unaware that health or grooming kit was necessary. Luckily someone gifted me one at my shower, but it was nowhere as comprehensive as this … read more

How We Dunk

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I’ll be completely honest…

Our Valentine’s Day was kind of a hot mess. With a wild toddler and a sick baby all day, I was pretty much DONE by the time BTR got home from school. Scratch that, I was done at 9 am. :)

But when BTR got home we decided to turn things around and have a DUNKING PARTY with our OREO cookies. Before dinner. Yup, we’re rebels like that.

How We Dunk | Ellie And Addie

Can you believe this was the first time Jude tried OREO cookies? I find that shocking since I consider them a food group.… read more