Hoppy Holidays – DIY Beer Gift Basket

Hoppy Holidays!

See what I did there? I’m so excited to share with you all my easy-peasy DIY Beer Gift Basket!

Hoppy Holidays - DIY Beer Gift Basket | Ellie And Addie

This would be the perfect gift for just about anyone – neighbors, friends, or family members! Before we talk all about the beer, let’s talk about what you can give with your beer.

Hoppy Holidays - DIY Beer Gift Basket | Ellie And Addie

One of my favorite things to eat while enjoying a beer is pretzels, so I grabbed this Companion Bakery pretzel dipping sauce at our local grocery store. I later found out that you can also get Companion Bakery pretzels frozen from the grocery store! Had I realized it I totally would have grabbed them to add to this basket, but #reallife and I didn’t. Next time! :)

Next up is my favorite part of this gift basket, a BTR Woodworks bottle opener! I know I’ve shared them with you before, but they really are the best openers! They don’t bend the cap and are super easy to use. Also, we can now personalize them with our laser engraver! Check out Brandon’s Etsy shop to see some examples! They are actually made from used bourbon barrels that then aged a beer from a local brewer!

And if you’re giving beer as a gift you should also gift some #properglassware! Just kidding, you can totally drink any beer out of any glass, but these are so pretty! The one on the left is a Spiegelau IPA glass and the one on the right is a Spiegelau tulip glass. I’ve bought them both on Amazon before, but lots of grocery stores and bottle shops also carry them!

Now let’s talk about the beer!

Hoppy Holidays - DIY Beer Gift Basket | Ellie And Addie

I think a great way to give the gift of beer is to get a variety of styles, which is why the make  your own six pack is great! Head to a nearby beer or bottle shop to get started, if you are in STL definitely check out The Wine & Cheese Place! We grabbed some of our favorite beer for this gift and we focused on getting a variety of styles. This is a great opportunity for someone to try some new beer without committing to a whole six pack of the same thing. We chose a few hoppy beers, a brown ale, a milk stout (great intro to stouts), a classic version of a Saison, and a sour that’s not too tart! You can ask your local store for some help picking out a few styles, make sure the hoppy beers are only a month or two old (fresh is best). We picked a few local beers as well. Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s was Brandon’s gateway into hoppy beer and his dad introduced it. Sofie by Goose Island is our favorite beer to use when we make beer-mosas!

Hoppy Holidays - DIY Beer Gift Basket | Ellie And Addie

You really can’t go wrong with any beer and I’m sure whoever is receiving this gift would appreciate any beers you pick out!

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