Laughing – at this outtake from the pajama photos I took the other day. Toddlers are fun guys.

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Speaking of – pajamas, I may have gone a little overboard this weekend at Hanna Andersson…. But when #hannajams are 40% off you run! They did this sale last year and I swear it’s like a secret, I got the email the night before! But it’s the best deal I’ve ever seen on brand new Hanna’s and I love how they last. Ezra is legit wearing all of Jude’s and they look brand new!

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Loving – this shot of E and my mom. We left Jude at home when we went shopping Saturday and just took him. It was a fun time!

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Jude was excited to see what we bought!

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Regretting – all the chips and salsa I ate at dinner with the girls last night. And don’t forget about the margaritas!

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Inspired – by Becky Thompson. She Skyped (I didn’t know Skype was still a thing) with our Mothers of Valor group yesterday and I just loved her! I ordered her first book, Hope Unfolding, last night and am pretty sure I will be pre-ordering her new book about marriage, Love Unending.

Wearing – the sweatshirt I got for my birthday on repeat. Don’t judge, I totally took a shower.

Proud – of the invitations I designed for the Junior Service Club Holly Day Luncheon this year! I love how they turned out and can’t wait for the actual event! Of course, first I need to design the programs! :)

Eating – lots of this deliciousness. I’m not going to share the details because I have a recipe post planned, but oh my it’s a yummy one!

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Planning – Christmas gifts. I basically started shopping in July during Prime Day and haven’t stopped. Just kidding! I try and buy things when I see them on sale and then hide them in the basement. But I made a list so I don’t forget something! Otherwise, it will be February and I’ll suddenly remember about the Lego kit hidden under my bed! I’m still trying to figure out Jude’s “big gift” but I’ve got a few smaller things lined up already!

DesigningChatbooks left and right. I just ordered my first one and I can’t wait for it to get here! I took all of the pictures BTR tagged with #30beerstill30 from his birthday a few years ago. I’ve started a few different “series” for my favorite Instagram hashtags, like #badaddie, #rotzgarden, and my new favorite #rotzbrothers. Get your first Chatbook free using this link.

Excited – to share my newest DIY project with you! Check back tomorrow!

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Wishing – I could win this super awesome cash giveaway! I’ve partnered up with some of my favorite bloggers to give away $150 cash! Enter using the Rafflecopter below!

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  • Jessica

    I’m right with you loving Chatbooks! I’m making a few for Christmas gifts. :) Love the photo of Jude with his head isn’t eh bag. Ha ha!

  • I liked Chatbooks the first time I ordered it from my laptop but from my phone, I hate it. I’m doing something wrong of course but whatever it is, it’s a enough to make me what to give up on the books — even though I love the idea.

    • I think it’s easier on my computer than the app too! I love that I can sync my And BTR’s Instagrams and get all our garden pictures! Oh and pics of the boys!