Weekend Fun

Our weeks have been crazy lately. Like just downright c-r-a-z-y. And I keep looking forward to relaxing on the weekend. But then our weekends end up being crazy too. But it’s totally worth all the fun we’ve been having! Here’s a recap of this past weekend…

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Friday night we headed over to St. Charles to the VIP Grand Opening party of our friend’s new candy shop, Sugar Cubed. It is seriously the CUTEST shop ever! We had so much fun visiting with friends,  I wish we could have stayed longer, but you know how it goes with toddlers and babies. #messy We will definitely be heading back soon to stock up on sweets and sodas!

We woke up bright and early Saturday and headed to STL again, this time for the last PBS Storytime in the Commons for the year. This time, it was Peg + Cat!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Once again Jude rocked the photo (#not) but he hasn’t stopped talking about meeting the “kitty cat” since that day, so I call it a win! We also had tons of fun playing and coloring. After story time, we packed up and were on our way to lunch when E got fussy. So we stopped and Jude played at Turtle Park while I fed Ezra in the car.

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

My mom actually went with us and she snapped that photo in the top right of me and Jude at story time and I absolutely love it. I’m realizing I’m not in photos with the kids very often so we definitely need to work on that! After Ezra ate, the rest of us had lunch and then my mom dropped me and BTR off at the new Side Project Brewery and she took the boys home.

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Brandon and I were sooooo lucky to get tickets to this year’s Zwanze Day Festival. Zwanze Day is one day every year that a brewery in Belgium (Cantillon) releases a special beer called Zwanze and you can only get it one of the locations hosting a Zwanze Day celebration, and there were less than 30 locations in the United States hosting an event. It’s pretty amazing that Side Project was picked to host the event, and even more amazing that we got tickets (thank you Twitter notifications).

It was such a fun event and it was so cool to see their new brewery that they haven’t even opened yet! I can’t wait to visit it when they start brewing and open their tasting room.

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

After the festival, we headed home and played with the boys until bed time and then ordered Chinese takeout, which has become our new tradition after beer festivals. I hope to continue that tradition in the future. :)

Sunday was a lazy day (finally!) and BTR made waffles for breakfast. And Jude chilled on the couch with his waffle and BTR’s iPhone, because you don’t argue with toddlers. #messy

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

I ran to the grocery store solo to get the ingredients for chili and then threw everything into the crockpot for an easy dinner. We did a bit of lasering in the basement with the boys and then I did some work on the computer after the boys went to bed. It was a great weekend!

Curious what we were lasering?? You might have seen it on my Snapchat, but here’s a sneak peek. I’m pretty darn excited about it too!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

And I’m so excited to announce a fun link up I’m co-hosting today! Some of my favorite bloggers and I are having a Halloween party and we can’t wait to see your festive costumes and pajamas! You can link up with us starting Thursday, October 27th all the way through November 3 (which happens to be the best day ever, my birthday). So make sure to snap lots of photos and share them with us!

Halloween Party | Ellie And Addie

Happy Monday friends! Go drink all the coffee!

  • Jessica

    What an awesome weekend! I love the PBS event. That looks like a good time. The new candy shop sounds amazing. And a brewery, heaven! Glad you had a great one.

  • I’m sad we didn’t make it to the PBS fun! We’ll have to go next time!

  • Such a fun weekend!

  • How do you get up and close to so many PBS characters? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the chance to meet them… for me! And well C, too. But mostly me.

    • Our PBS station hosted these events and they were SO MUCH FUN! I’m so excited they are doing them again next year, we are definitely going back!

  • chall1018

    I can definitely relate on the crazy weeks and weekends! We were only home to sleep last weekend. I am still trying to recover…but no rest for the weary! Ha. Okay, Sugarcubed is the cutest place ever! And how fun was the PBS Storytime? I’m never in photos ever! Nathan needs to step up his photo-taking game! I love that cup! Is it a Yeti? What a great weekend!

    • We need to teach these guys to start taking our picture more! I have the staged ones, but I want more candid shots of me and the kids!