Friday Favorites

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Oops, it’s halfway through September and I’ve only written one post this month. Get. It. Together. Let’s move on to this week’s Friday Favorites!

Every week I take Jude to gymnastics class. And every week he gets a little nervous (he is so shy around strangers) and won’t go near the instructors (it’s a mommy and me class so I am with him the whole time). That is until this week. He wouldn’t go on the wedge with the instructor, BUT he told her “no” which I realize sounds strange, but he talked to her! We were both shocked and I’m taking it as a sign he is finally warming up to class! So we will definitely be signing up for the next ten-week session since it only took us seven weeks to get him to look at her. Toddlers are crazy guys.

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Today Ezra turns five months old. FIVE. MONTHS. Say what? I cannot believe he’s been here that long and at the same time I can’t believe it’s only been that long, you know? For Jude’s six month birthday I bought him a monogrammed Jellycat puppy from Peekawhoo, so obviously Ezra needs one for his half-birthday next month. Also, his hair suddenly curled (or who knows what it’s doing) yesterday and it still looks like this, I die!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

If you are local and free tomorrow morning, you should definitely come to the Junior Service Club Thieves’ Market! Click here for the details!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

While I’ve been slacking on actually blogging, I’ve been knocking some designs out for other projects! I’ve got some new ideas and can’t wait to get them all in production soon! Also, getting texts like this from clients after sending them a proof pretty much makes my day!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Last but definitely NOT least, you should go check out Stephanie’s post today, it’s the cutest mama bear gift guide and it just might have a discount code to your favorite etsy shop. Okay fine, it’s my favorite etsy shop, but you get the point!

Cheers for the weekend friends!

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