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Naptime in the DockATot

DockATot sent me this dock for my review, but all opinions and no-nap ninjas are my own.

Let’s start this post by me telling you where I’m writing this post from. My bed. On my phone. And guess where Ezra is? In his DockATot right next to me. And Jude. Well, Jude is supposed to be napping but that’s a story for another day. Like maybe tomorrow.

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Best. Weekend. Ever

So this weekend and last weekend were so great. But I’m throwing it back even further to what might have been the best weekend EVER. I know I’m totally late in sharing, but I can’t not put it on the blog to live forever and ever.

Best Weekend Ever | Ellie And Addie We started our morning by heading over to St. Louis for Storytime in the Commons hosted by The Nine Network. We met George earlier this summer and this time we got to meet Daniel Tiger in the flesh. Or stuffing. And Jude calls him D. Tiger, I don’t ever want to forget that!

Best Weekend Ever | Ellie And Addie

Yes, Jude looks unimpressed, but when I printed this picture … read more

One Big Crazy Afternoon

This post is sponsored by Gymboree. All opinions and wild children are my own. #OneBigHappy

Does anyone else feel like everyone goes a little crazy every afternoon? Usually, it’s right before dinnertime. And while I should probably be inside cooking, I’d much rather be outside with these two wild ones.

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites, let’s do this!

Poor BTR. He built this AMAZING BED for Jude and now all these places are sharing it and I’m getting all the credit. Oops, #sorrynotsorry But seriously, it is so fun seeing Lorena Canals Rugs and Project Nursery and Jen Woodhouse share the photo of the bed! And because I never shared these before, here’s some behind the scenes shots of BTR actually building the bed!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Ezra found his toes recently. And he’s OBSESSED with them. We were sent these foot finders from Lamaze to try out and he loves them! They would also be a great addition to a baby shower gift!… read more

Friday Favorites

Hi, My name is Liz and this is my blog.

Oops, it’s halfway through September and I’ve only written one post this month. Get. It. Together. Let’s move on to this week’s Friday Favorites!

Every week I take Jude to gymnastics class. And every week he gets a little nervous (he is so shy around strangers) and won’t go near the instructors (it’s a mommy and me class so I am with him the whole time). That is until this week. He wouldn’t go on the wedge with the instructor, BUT he told her “no” which I realize sounds strange, but he talked to her! We were both shocked … read more