Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post by Groupon, but all opinions are my own. #Groupon #ad

A couple of months ago I shared how much I love Groupon Coupons, and you know me and my love of a good deal. And how much I love sharing said deals. So today I’m excited to share my love of Groupon Goods!

Groupon Goods | Ellie And AddieI mean did you even know that Groupon Goods existed? There are so many different categories to browse including electronics, home improvement, toys, and fashion. I’m always looking for good deals on toys that I can store away for future birthday parties or the holidays!

One of my favorite purchases on Groupon Goods was a set of solar lights for the front of our house. I love having them in between all of our bushes and lighting the way up our sidewalk to our front door. And since they are solar powered I don’t have to remember to turn them on and off every night. My mom liked them so much we ended up buying a second set for her house!

Groupon Goods | Ellie And Addie

Right now on Groupon Goods, I’ve been eyeing a new iPad. Mine is a few years old and if I can upgrade mine that one, we can turn my old one into one just for the kids when we need it (you know like super long car rides #dontjudge #survival).

You can find more information on Groupon Goods on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Have you ever shopped on Groupon Goods? What did you get?

  • Groupon is a huge shopping assistance for me during the holidays. I try to gift experiences or classes and that’s the best place to find great deals.