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Taking – big puppy in the car. This kid kills me.

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Walking – the neighborhood. The boys both seem to get a bit restless after breakfast and taking a nice long walk has been a great distraction for all of us. I pack Jude a snack (which usually ends up all over the stroller) and strap Ezra in his car seat (where he promptly falls asleep, womp womp) and we cruise the streets. Next, I need to download some podcasts for me to listen to while we walk!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Building – a Lego table with an IKEA Lack table. But first I need to find some baseplates! I was looking at these, any other recommendations? And should I glue the plates down or screw them? So many questions! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Wearing – my “you are enough” t-shirt from The Blue Envelope. It’s literally the most comfortable shirt ever and I love the saying!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

my current favorite shirt c/o The Blue Envelope

Sharing – my newest Healthy Baby Home Party kit from Seventh Generation! I know I’m always saying it, but I love these kits and sharing them! Thanks to Generation Good from Seventh Generation for sending me all these awesome free samples!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Annoyed – with all the telemarketing calls lately. It it just me or have they gotten worse? I found that if you call some of them back a recording comes on and it says you can press 1 to opt out, but who knows if that really works. I try to block the numbers as well. And yes our numbers are already on the national do not call list.

Playing – Starbucks for life, you should be too! You can get an email for all four plays every day without making a purchase. I’ve already gotten 15 bonus stars! And I’m pretty sure everyone has the same game board, if only I could win for life!

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Embarrassed – to say last night was the FIRST Cardinals game BTR and I have been to this year. That’s seriously insane to say out loud. Before we had kids we probably went to like 30-40 games a year (I’m being completely serious), but even after we had Jude we went to a ton of games! Life with two kids is so. much. different. BUT it’s also so much MORE FUN! Also, my dad’s seats never disappoint.

Currently | Ellie And Addie

Can’t decide – if I do or don’t like the new IG stories. I was just getting into a snapchat groove. I also loved that at the end of the day I can download my entire snapchat story as one video. For now, I’ll be in between the two still, so make sure you are following me on both: ellieandaddie

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you are having an awesome week so far!

  • Jessica

    Morning walks are the best. It’s so dang hot here though that it makes it difficult even that early. LOVE the You Are Enough tee. I have one too and it is definitely the most comfortable. :)

    • So we went on our walk a bit late to day and it was so gosh darn HOT! I will not be making that mistake again! And isn’t it the cutest tee ever??

  • Two things: 1. As far as Lego baseplates go, we just purchased ours at our local Lego store but your Amazon find would be a less expensive route. And I like the blue color over our green and gray. 2. Gotta get that Starbucks app ASAP!

    • 1. I totally trust your Lego expertise! I was looking at the brand name baseplates and they are sooooo expensive! The reviews seem mixed on Amazon, but I think I’m willing to try it for that price!

  • Veronica

    I just received my shirt too! I bid for it on an IG auction for the Freckled Fox. I LOVE IT!

  • I want the Lego table, too. Connor would love that and we could (just maybe) keep the Legos from going everywhere.

    • I like the idea of using the table to keep the legos contained, but I know they’re still going to be everywhere!