Friday Favorites and a Patriotic Link Up!

Time for FRIDAY FAVORITES friends!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the second annual #StarSpangledKids link up! I had this crazy idea last year and it turned out even more amazing than I imagined it would be. This year I’ve got a whole bunch of friends joining me in hosting and I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed in their red, white, and blue. Mark your calendars for July 1 and link up with us!

Star Spangled Kids | Ellie And Addie

We had an awesome Father’s Day and BTR even got one of the items from my Father’s Day gift guide, a Festool Systainer Cart! He loves it, he told me so. :)

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

We hit the splash pad up for the first time this summer and it was awesome. We met some of our friends and Jude had a blast! I can’t wait for us to go back!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

I’m kind of obsessed with this little family of mine. Jude has been the sweetest to Ezra lately and when I hear him say his name I pretty much melt. He’s already the best big brother!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Oh and that guy? He’s pretty much the best husband and father ever. Even when I’m a bit crazy!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

IT’S FRIDAY. Let’s have a drink to celebrate surviving the week, ok? Even better, make it a walktail!

Cheers for the weekend friends!

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