Father’s Day Gift Guide

Nothing like waiting till the last minute, right? Today I’m sharing my Father’s Day gift guide! Bonus points, most of this can be found online and ordered in time for this weekend! Also, do not judge me by the number of beer related items on this guide! :)

Father's Day Gift Guide | Ellie And AddieThis post contains affiliate links.

1. Festool Systainer & Cart
These storage containers are the ultimate gift for any dad who has a workshop. They come packaged when you buy an actual tool from Festool, or you can buy them separately. They stack and lock to each other and then you can put them on the Systainer Cart to move around your shop. These aren’t cheap but I think any tool loving guy would appreciate them!

2. Mobi Pro SD Card
If you have a dad who loves taking pictures of his beer, KIDS, I totally meant kids, then this is the perfect gift. The Mobi Pro sets up a WiFi network so you can transfer pictures directly from your camera to your phone without having to connect to the computer. BTR and I both love using this!

3. Leather Coozie from BTR Woodworks
Shameless self-promotion, but your probably need a leather coozie from Brandon’s Etsy shop. He has a few different designs posted, but we could always come up with s custom design if you have a new idea!

4. Tulip Glasses by Spiegelau
If you’re taking pictures of your beer you probably need to be using #properglassware (yes that is a thing in the beer nerd world). Last year I recommended the IPA glasses (which we love and use all the time), but this year you need to invest in some nice tulip glasses!

5. Wood Watch by Jord
I’m just in love with the look of these wood watches! I’m pretty sure my woodworker needs one for his wrist asap. Bonus points, this company is located in STL!

6. Lolo Lids
Ok this is clearly a ridiculous item to have, but BTR thinks it’s hilarious. It’s a lid that attaches to your beer can and then you can put the beer can in any paper coffee cup. I came across them on Instagram and showed them to Brandon and now he totally wants one! And I know all my #walktailforthewin mamas would approve of these as well!

7. The Floozie
Okay another ridiculous beer related item, but actually, I love this one! These will hold your beverage and keep them cold while you are floating in the pool! We just take regular coozies to BTR’s mom’s pool and then we have to keep them on the side of the pool, but now we could float WITH our beverages. Winning all around in my book! You can find them on Amazon or more options are available directly on their website.

8. Sperry Boat Shoes
Practical gift alert, every guy needs a classic pair of Sperry boat shoes! I’m not sure how old the pair BTR currently has is, but they’ve definitely seen better days and he could definitely use a new pair!

And if you still need some more gift ideas, I still stand by everything I suggested in last year’s Father’s Day gift guide! I can’t tell you exactly what the boys and I are getting BTR are this year, but there might be a few things from this list! Hopefully he still acts surprised on Sunday! :)