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Sleepy Eyes

The other day I had a Facebook friend request from someone. We had a few local mutual friends so I assumed she was in one of the mom groups I’m a part of and accepted her friendship. Within a few hours of accepting I received a Facebook message from this person trying to sell me some eye cream. And the pitch she was using was to sell me on it is that I must be tired with two kids and this eye cream would help with my sleepy eyes. I mean she said it nice and all but…

You guys I can’t. I just cannot.

I replied to her message … read more

Friday Favorites and a Patriotic Link Up!

Time for FRIDAY FAVORITES friends!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the second annual #StarSpangledKids link up! I had this crazy idea last year and it turned out even more amazing than I imagined it would be. This year I’ve got a whole bunch of friends joining me in hosting and I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed in their red, white, and blue. Mark your calendars for July 1 and link up with us!

Star Spangled Kids | Ellie And Addie

We had an awesome Father’s Day and BTR even got one of the items from my Father’s Day gift guide, a Festool Systainer Cart! He loves it, he told me … read more

#boyMOM Box Swap

I’m so excited to share what I got in the #boyMOM Box Swap today!

#boyMOM Box Swap | Ellie And Addie

We were paired with the amazing Crystal and Mason from Hall Around Texas! I just love following Crystal’s family and all of their awesome adventures in Texas, her Instagram feed is one of my favorites! And Mason is pretty much the SWEETEST kid ever, it’s so obvious every time she writes about him!… read more

Friday Favorites and a 1K Giveaway!

Time for Friday Favorites and a 1K Giveaway friends!

I am celebrating with a giveaway over on Instagram! I recently hit 1000 IG followers and I want to say thank you by giving away a $10 git card to Starbucks, since it’s my favorite place and all! Head over to my Instagram to enter to win!

Friday Favorites and a 1K Giveaway! | Ellie And Addie

I’m obsessed with babywearing. I’ll be honest, I think I wore Jude like twice in the Moby Wrap (it was just so damn hot) and just a few times in the Ergo. I’ve worn Ezra in the Solly Baby wrap so many times now and it’s like love at first sight everytime. … read more