Making – all the popsicles! FIRST things first, I got so much love on my popsicle picture on FB and IG I wanted to share what popsicle maker I use!

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It’s called the Zoku Quick Pop Maker! It literally freezes your popsicles in under 10 minutes! I have the triple, but they also make a double and single. Sometimes they have the orange and white one at Bed Bath & Beyond (don’t forget your 20% coupon), but I got my red one on Amazon here –> Zoku Quick Pop Maker

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Shopping – for things I probably don’t need because the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is here!

Enjoying – working in the garden again! Our peas did not grow, womp womp, but our tomatoes and zucchinis are starting to get buds!

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Crying – because Ezra turned one month last week and it didn’t hit me till the next day how quickly that month went. With Brandon being home for two weeks right after he was born and then me learning to adjust to being home with both kiddos myself when he went back to work, I’m not actually sure where the time went! Luckily BTR’s last day of school was yesterday and he’ll be home for the summer! I’m working on making a summer bucket list of fun things to do!

Sharing – all the fun from my Healthy Baby Home Party with my MOPS friends! I always love these home party kits because they have the best samples!

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Thanks to Generation Good from Seventh Generation for sending me all these awesome free samples to share with friends!!

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Obsessed – with this photo of me and Jude that BTR snapped before we went to the mother-son date night at our local Chick-Fil-A! I can’t wait to go to more events like this at CFA, we had so much fun!

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Wondering – if anyone out there uses wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets? I’ve been looking at a few different sets but can’t decide if they are worth it. Give the details if you use them!

Prepping – Jude’s new big boy room! You have have seen some sneak peaks of Jude’s bed on IG, but we are finally getting the rest of the details done. I bought some new sheets from the Target Pillowfort collection and we are hoping to get a bookshelf done this week. We have family photos scheduled in two weekends and my goal is to have the rooms switched and complete by then!

Speaking – of pictures, I just don’t know what to wear. I bought a new cardigan but probably need a new tank or shirt to wear underneath it. I want to wear more basic/neutral colors and outfits than bright and trendy so that the photos are more timeless, but I just hate clothes shopping for me right now because of all the in between postpartum sizing still. Clearly I should be paying more attention to what I’m eating. #notgonnahappen

In love – with designing again. I go through phases where I either don’t want to touch my computer and design at all OR I just can’t stop designing! And right now I just. can’t. stop. So far I’ve got some new family notecards, a couple of binders, personalized notepads, and a coffee mug. #givemeallthestripes

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Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you are having an awesome week so far!

  • Love this pic of you and Jude on your date night! And loving your designs, as always.

  • I was looking at that popsicle mold not too long ago but never bought it. The ones you made look amazing – I may need to order it! We use wool dryer balls and love them! Can’t remember the brand, but I really think they make a difference. I put drops of lavender EO on them and it smells so good!

    • Get the Zoku pop maker, it’s the best thing ever! And I read about using oils on the dryer balls, guess I need to get some now!!

  • Sara Belvin

    Thanks for sharing details about the popsicle maker. May have to check it out. Looking for healthier options for home. My husband actually thought of making wool dryer balls from wool yarn. He apparently saw it on one of the blogs he reads.

  • I was going to get wool balls for our cloth diapers to make them fluffier and then never did. We should probably get them anyway – they help dry things faster? IDK how..but you know. I need that popsicle maker AND the slushie maker….you enabler.

    • You need the slush maker and pop maker ASAP! And I heard the dryer balls dry everything faster which I’m all about!

  • Im searching for a popsicle maker so this is perfect timing! Ive heard great things about Zuko.

  • I can’t wait to see Jude’s room reveal! His bed is so amazing!!!! And you can’t beat Target’s Pillowfort collection!

  • chall1018

    Popsicles in ten minutes? Wow! I was wondering how fast it was when I saw your “waiting for the popsicles” snap the other day! The photo of you and Jude is adorable. Happy Friday eve!