Yes, I’m STILL pregnant.

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40 week bump and a gelato pop!

But let’s go ahead do some Friday Favorites and get our minds off that… :)

Wednesday was a good day for food! One of our local Chick-fil-A stores always does awesome breakfast specials that they post on Facebook and they had free chicken biscuits this week. I don’t mess around with free chicken biscuits, so Jude and I had a breakfast date!

Still... | Ellie And Addie

Sending selfies to BTR at work!

Then that afternoon BTR took a half day to go to my doctor appointment with me. We grabbed lunch at Porano Pasta on our way and we will definitely be visiting again! The pasta was delicious!

Still... | Ellie And Addie

Oh and they also sell gelato pops. I’ll say that again, GELATO POPS.

I slacked on ordering one of Jude’s birthday gifts, a toy BBQ grill, and I was so excited when it finally arrived! And then we realized that the doors weren’t in the box. And I couldn’t find them on the Little Tikes site. And because it was an Amazon Warehouse purchase there weren’t anymore in stock. Cue ridiculous pregnant hormonal reaction. :) Well yesterday one popped back up on Amazon Warehouse so I immediately chatted with customer support and they are sending it to me (with expedited shipping) and they aren’t making me return the broken one! I seriously LOVE Amazon. Also if you aren’t shopping the Amazon Warehouse you aren’t shopping right.

Here’s Jude and BTR grilling (without doors on the grill) last night!

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Paul McCartney is coming to St. Louis and playing at Busch Stadium this summer. It’s pretty cool because The Beatles played at Busch (Busch 1) in 1966! We have seen Paul McCartney live in concert twice, once in high school and then again in 2012. The concert we saw in high school is hands down the best live music performance I have EVER experienced, it was just amazing! I wasn’t sure we would be able to get tickets to see him in August, but BTR pulled off a huge surprise and was able to get tickets during the pre-sale earlier this week! I don’t think I could be more excited. Well unless this baby decided to arrive today, then I might be more excited… :)

Still... | Ellie And Addie

At the Paul McCartney concert in 2012

What is a jackfruit?

Still... | Ellie And Addie

Please send ALL the good vibes that this baby decides to arrive soon! My doctor is giving me until next Wednesday before she wants to induce, but oh man I am done and ready now! I’m getting incredibly restless and just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m trying to take it easy, but it’s hard for me to not do anything! And I’ve already watched everything on our DVR. So let’s hope it happens sooner than later!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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