Happy Second Birthday Jude!

Happy Second Birthday Jude!

Happy Second Birthday Jude! | Ellie And Addie

Today my first baby turns TWO! And thankfully I did not go into labor with baby boy #2 either! We didn’t have an elaborate party like last year, but we did meet BTR for lunch and tonight we are having cake (with Elmo and Abby on it) with our families.

Happy Second Birthday Jude! | Ellie And Addie

BTR did find time to cut out a giant 2 and paint it for our yard! This is a tradition I hope we can continue with both boys for a long time! Next on his list is building a big boy bed! :)

And because I have to share these….

Jude the day he was born.

Happy Second Birthday Jude! | Ellie And Addie

Jude when he turned ONE!

Happy Second Birthday Jude! | Ellie And Addie

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  • Happy, happy TWO sweet Jude! And YAY for having his own birthday and for little brother holding on a little longer!

  • Oh my goodness, I love the huge numbers! What a cool tradition and you have such a handy hubby! And yay for not having two babies on the same day! I bet that’s a great feeling! Happy birthday, Jude!

  • That child! Oh my, he’s darling. Happy Birthday, Jude!

    Now let’s get #2 here!!

  • Meghan Flinn

    OMG I love the giant 2 in your backyard! What a fun photo prop! Where in the world do you store them though?!? Happy birthday to Jude… Now baby #2 can come!!!

    • Thank you! So we have a 1 (from Jude’s first) and a 6 and a 0 (from my mom’s 60th a few years ago) and we store them in our basement! Since it isn’t finished and is pretty much a warehouse for our businesses we have lots of storage down there!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Happy Birthday, Jude!!!

  • Nat

    Happy belated second birthday Jude!! I love the big numbers tradition, so fun! Now it’s time for baby boy #2 to arrive!

  • Jessica

    Happy happy birthday (one day late) sweet Jude!! Big hugs to you.

  • Oh my, what a cutie! He just keeps growing and growing! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating Jude! Xo, Stephanie