Opening Day 2016

Who is excited for Opening Day of baseball today??

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

Okay well the Cardinals actually played yesterday, but we are still pretty darn excited around here for baseball season to begin! I shared a few opening day photos from years past in a post last year (read it here), but this year we got Jude all dressed up and headed outside to play with his t-ball set to celebrate the beginning of baseball season!

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

Jude thinks hitting the ball off the T is pretty much the coolest thing ever. He also thinks his baseball hat that is just like papa’s is the best thing ever. So basically his life is made!

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

Someday I will learn not to stand in the way of the ball! Someday soon hopefully.

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

We’re working on his form, but he’s getting better at making contact!

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

Addie cannot leave him alone when he is playing, she just wants to eat the balls though! Seriously though, I’m just as obsessed with him wearing a baseball hat as he is. It’s just soooo adorable!

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

And since we were outside I put some fertilizer in the garden and watered. Jude had fun helping me water.

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

After working in the garden we played on the swingset for a bit.

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

And also gave Addie hugs. Jude is so obsessed with our dogs lately and I love it! Luckily they love him just as much as he loves them and they are so sweet to him.

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

And this next one might be my new favorite pictures EVER. BTR grabbed the camera and snapped it and I’m just obsessed with it.

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

And how about a throwback picture?

Opening Day 2016 | Ellie And Addie

This picture is from the end of Game 7 of the 2011 World Series when the Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers. That was the most fun playoff season ever and I will never forget it! And fun fact, the shirt I’m wearing is actually Brandon’s mom’s shirt from the 1985 post season! We lost to Kansas City in the World Series that year, but I love it because it’s the year Brandon and I were both born. And I love that I have two shirts from 1985, one from my mom and one from Brandon’s mom! I need to collect some shirts that say 2014 and 2016 to give to Jude and the baby!

Okay now it’s your turn! Link up with me and some of my favorite bloggers to share your opening day photos! You can also share them on Instagram using the tag #hoorayitsopeningday

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  • Meghan Flinn

    Love it! My FIL is a Cardinals fan :). And while standing in front of the tee can be dangerous (I’ve had the ball fly at my camera too), it’s the best spot for photos ;)

    • YAY Cardinals fans!! I know, maybe someday they won’t try and hit me with the ball? :)

  • Jessica

    Jude is so adorable. We have one of those t-ball sets and Cam loves it too. So much fun! Great picture of you and Jude.

  • That backwards hat is just way too cute on him! Love it.

    • I’m kind of in love with the backwards hat too! Plus then he can see better and doesn’t run into things! :)

  • Adorable photos despite all that cardinal red! And again, I love the history behind your shirt!!

  • I love your idea of collecting 2014 and 2016 shirts for your boys. Such a neat idea!

    Jude is darling, as always. And I LOVE that picture of you with Jude on the swing!!

    • Wyatt’s at Taekwondo five nights a week now so we didn’t sign him up for ball this year. I’m sad about it, but I think he could careless… which makes me even more sad.

    • Thank you!!! Hopefully I can still find a 2014 shirt somewhere, I didn’t think of it till recently! And I love that I was able to get into a picture! :)

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    CUTEST little Cardinal fan I ever did see. That hat on Jude is THE cutest!! Oh my goodness.
    And how fun is that photo of you and BTR?! Scott and I have one similar from Game 5 in San Fran in 2014 (which ended not so well), and then one from Game 1 from last year (and that outcome was so much more fun).
    Hooray for baseball season!!!

    • Last year was definitely your year!!! :) And I love that you guys traveled to the games, that is so something we would do too!

      • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

        I basically didn’t give Scott any option. When we *thought* KC *might* make it to SF we booked our hotel and bought our tickets. And then when we *thought* KC might make it again last year, I pretty much gave Scott zero choice. We made the most crazy 36-hour half-way-across-the-country whirl wind trip, and it was THE best time ever (14 innings and all)!!

  • Oh my goodness, Jude is just the cutest little t-ball player ever. And I love that shot of you and Jude – so, so cute!

  • Oh Jude…so darling!!! And I love little boys in baseball hats too–so much!! Your vintage Cardinals tee is awesome!

  • He is so so cute! I almost bought Avery a little baseball set and then envisioned Luke chasing her around with the bat and decided to wait another year! =-)

  • Laura Keenan

    Cutest pictures ever, gah! Liam starts t-ball in May and I cannot wait!

    • Oh my I can’t wait till we can start t-ball, I think they are the cutest things ever running around the field! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

  • Cutest little Cardinals fan! He looks like he’s having the best time practicing playing baseball on his little t-ball set. Mason has the same one and loves it!
    LOVE the throw back and am so jealous that you got to go to a world series game!!

    • Thank you! Your Angels fan is pretty adorable too! And that is the best little t-ball set ever!

  • Jude is adorable. I love that you have shirts from the year you were born – great idea!