Easter Basket Goodies for Jude

I’m so excited to share all the Easter Basket Goodies I got for Jude today!Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

We are using the same basket that Brandon built for Jude last year! It’s more of a display basket than a go hunt eggs basket. He has an embroidered tote for egg hunting, which he loved using when we went to Eckert’s a few weeks ago! But seriously, this basket BTR built is one of my favorite things ever, he’s definitely making another one for baby boy #2 next year!

Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

I started a list a while back of things to put in Jude’s basket and when I would see them on sale at Target or on Amazon I would get them, so this was a slow work in progress. But I’m so excited with how it turned out and I hope he loves it! Since his birthday is so close to Easter I tried not to go too overboard, but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

Here’s what Jude is getting in his basket this year!

Tegu – I grabbed these when Amazon had them on SUPER sale a while back. We have a different set that he loves playing with and I’m excited to add these to our “out of the house” toy rotation!
Target | Amazon

Play-Doh Eggs – I was stalking these on Amazon and then I ended up finding them much cheaper at Target! It was actually a pack of 10 so I shared some with a friend and gave a couple to my mom to have at her house for Jude. I couldn’t find them online at Target, but head to the seasonal section to find them in store!
Amazon 4 Pack | Amazon 10 Pack

Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

Annie’s Bunny Grahams – You can’t have an Easter basket without bunny grahams! I got the honey, chocolate, and chocolate chip pack, because #chocolate and #pregnant. Wait these are for Jude not me! :)
Target | Amazon

Reese’s Pieces – I think these carrot shaped bags are just adorable and who doesn’t love Reese’s Pieces! I also grabbed a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs to have in our candy dish on the kitchen counter. Because again #peanutbutterandchocolateforlife plus #pregnant.
Target | Amazon

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure – This is our first Pete the Cat book and I’m so excited to read it with Jude.
Target | Amazon

Llama Llama Easter Egg – This is also our first Llama Llama book, which I’ve heard great things about! I found it on sale at Marshall’s, but Amazon carries it as well.

Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

Green Toys Watering Can – You know how much I LOVE Green Toys, especially when they go on sale on Amazon (which FYI seems to happen every March and December). I grabbed this watering can set for Jude to help me in the garden this spring and summer!
Target | Amazon

Monogrammed Jelly Cat Bunny – I actually bought this bunny from Peek-A-Whoo last year and gave it to Jude and it sits on top of his changing table. I pulled it down and put it back in his basket for this year. If you don’t have a Jellycat stuffed animal yet you need to change that asap, they are the softest stuffed animals ever. Jude sleeps with his monogrammed puppy every single night!

Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

Nerf Guns – Okay so this one either makes me the coolest mom ever or the stupidest mom ever. I got the crazy idea that nerf guns would be so much fun for Jude and BTR. And then I ended up with three different guns and a pack of extra bullets. I opened them up the other day to take these pictures and I had no idea how fast and hard they shot! And BTR and I have been shooting each other on occasion because we’re mature like that. So basically wish me luck on this one! #youllshootyoureyeoutkid
Target | Amazon – Gun 1 | Amazon – Gun 2 | Amazon – Extra Bullets

And that’s it for Jude’s Easter basket this year! I tried to link to everything at Target and Amazon because that’s where I got everything (also because I get everything under the sun from those two places, who doesn’t?).

Easter Basket Goodies | Ellie And Addie

Don’t forget, I’m hosting an Easter Basket Link Up with some of my favorite bloggers! You have from now until March 30 to add your link below and you can also share on Instagram using the tag #easterbasket2016 and make sure to go check out what everyone else is putting in their basket!

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  • Jessica

    First that Easter basket is amazing!!! BTR did such a great job. So special and fun. Everything Jude will recieve is so fun. He’s going to love it. I bought that Tegu set when you recommended it and it’s a huge hit. I keep it in my purse. We love that Pete the cat book and all of the rest too. Great choices!

    • Thank you, I’m in love with the basket too!! And those Tegus are the best purse toys ever!!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh my gosh, this is the perfect Easter basket… You did great! The basket itself is amazing and I love so many of the things you put inside. I wish I had thought of the watering can and bunny grahams! Noah got a jelly cat bunny from his great grandma last Easter and it really is the softest thing ever!!!

    • Thank you!! I think I want to order a Jellycat just for me because they are so soft!!

  • Amy Smith

    That basket is fantastic! Loooove it! The bunny sure did a great job this year! :)

  • The nerf gun is such a fun idea. I should get a set for Aria and Chris sometime.

  • I LOVE Jude’s Easter basket! How cute and unique! What a fun array of goodies. I got Mila one of those Peek-a-whoo monogrammed Jellycat bunnies for her first Easter and it’s just adorable – she sleeps with it every night. And the Nerf gun – I’m giggling to myself because I almost bought one for Mila’s Easter basket this year – for the same reason as you. Now I wish I would’ve gotten one!

    • Agreed, Jellycats are the best ever. And you should totally go get a nerf gun for her basket so I’m not the only crazy parent!

  • Chrissy

    Love your basket goodies! Playdoh is always a hit in our house as well!

  • I just LOVE the wooden bunny basket!! I have a much smaller (similar idea) one that my Grandpa made for me (over 20 years ago). I just love setting it out each year. I hope that will be a special keepsake for Jude too. Great goodies!! :)

    • That is so awesome that you still have that basket!! I love setting ours out just as a decoration and hope we can do that for years and years like you!

  • Sara McCarty

    I love that you got him a gun!! Good luck with that!

  • You’ll love Llama Llama – Hattie got that last year and we have Pete the Cat this year! So fun! I love the tool box!

  • Jude’s box is the CUTEST! Love it!

  • You need to sell those wooden bunny caddies!!! So stinking cute! I have yet to buy Tegu blocks but Target just started carrying them so Im eyeing them all the time haha.

    • I’ll be lucky trying to get BTR to build one more bunny box for baby 2! ? I got our first set of Tegu pretty cheap on Zulily and this set was on super sale on Amazon! But then again Target is my weakness for pretty much everything!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Jude’s basket wins. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!! Oh my gosh, adorable. Can I buy one of those baskets? Are they for sale? I mean, seriously. BTR amazes me.
    Also. Jude is going to FLIP over all those goodies!!
    Well played, Momma. Well. Played.

    • You are the sweetest! I feel like I did too much because I’m totally slacking on his birthday this year. Since ya know, baby due a week later! Luckily he’s 2 and has no idea!! :)

  • I purchased Jellycat bunnies for Wyatt and Delta Mae this year. They are so soft, I want to buy one for myself sleep with it!!

    I wish I would’ve seen the playdoh eggs. Those are awesome.

    Our roadtrip is coming to a close today, so hopefully I can join your linkup soon.

    • Jellycat stuffed animals are the SOFTEST and I pretty much want to buy all of them for everyone, forever. That’s how far my love goes for them!!! :)

  • I love Jude’s basket and all his goodies! You should add those baskets to the Etsy store! Xo, Stephanie

    • Oh thank you so much sweet friend! I’ll tell BTR he needs to start making more bunny boxes!