Hi Friends! I’m fully aware I’m the world’s worst blogger in regards to consistency, but hey at least I’m trying! This week’s edition of currently is ridiculously long because I’ve been making this list for oh, maybe 3 weeks? So here it is!

Hoping – the weather stays nice the rest of the week and weekend! It’s been amazing weather the past few days and we just can’t stay inside. And this weekend we have lots of outdoor plans so I’m hoping the rain will hold off! Speaking of, if you aren’t doing anything you should head to Eckert’s for their egg hunt! you can get tickets 50% off using the code Easter2016.

Currently... | Ellie And Addie

Confused – on how to cook with coconut oil. I bought some at Aldi to try out and I’m just so confused. I used it in some cookies I made a few weeks ago. And then I finally realized I had to heat it up to make it a liquid to mix in (at least I think that’s right?). But then I kept wondering if the cookies I made tasted like coconut. BTR thought he could taste it buy my mom said she couldn’t. Jude just wanted more cookies. Have you cooked with coconut oil? What do I do?

Loving – the new Fitbit Alta and its leather bands. I love my Fitbit Flex, but wasn’t too impressed with the new watch they came out with (I’d prefer an Apple Watch, hint hint BTR). But the blush pink leather band on the Alta just has me swooning.

Needing – to buy this doorbell cover. With all the packages we get from FedEx and UPS for the businesses, our front door and doorbell get quite the workout. And don’t get me started on solicitors (they are the WORST). A mom in one of my groups recommend this doorbell cover and it comes with different stickers that say different things, and it’s only $5.99! You don’t have to tell me twice!

Speaking of FedEx – I’ve been stalking the FedEx tracking app for when my new Young Living essential oils kit should arrive! I’ve been diffusing lavender and a couple other oils for a while, but I’m so excited to get my starter kit and see what I can do with everything in it! Send me all your oil tips!

Freaking out – because I realized I’m 35 weeks this week and have 5 weeks left. Except Jude came at 39 so I’m planning on only having 4 weeks left. #maybeIshouldcleanoutmyoffice

Currently... | Ellie And Addie

Not freaking out – but maybe I should be, because this baby does not have a name. Jude’s name was so easy for us and we even have a girl name. But another boy name? We’ve got nothing! Okay that’s a lie, we think we have it narrowed down to two names, but we just can’t decide! And let’s not even think about middle names! And no I will not be sharing the names, that’s our secret!

Forgetting – everything. Literally everything. For example I couldn’t find my iPad, but it was plugged in and playing Pandora on our living room speakers. And I had put it there like 30 minutes earlier. And I’m still missing one of my business checkbooks. But I never take them out of the house so it has to be here somewhere! Oh and did you see my story about the Target checkout line I posted on Facebook? BTR thinks it’s hilarious to tell everyone that story now! I don’t find it as funny as he does.

Currently... | Ellie And Addie

Buying – birthday toys for Jude! Once again Green Toys were the Amazon Deal of the Day and they were 50% off so I grabbed a few new ones for him. I did the same thing last year for his birthday and before Christmas when they were on sale on Amazon! #iLOVEamazon

Wearing – my new C9 sports bras from Target! I got a virtual VoxBox from Influenster (yay for free things!) for the new C9 sports bras at Target. And wouldn’t you know it, but they are on sale this week too!! I may have picked up more than one because I was in desperate need of them!

Currently... | Ellie And Addie

Watching – House of Cards on Netflix! I love that show so much! I did watch the first two episodes of Fuller House but haven’t found the time to finish the rest since BTR isn’t too interested in watching with me.

Eating – double stuffed Oreos because we (ahem ok fine just me) finally finished the bag of regular ones. Thank goodness that crisis is over!

Okay that’s all I’ve got for today friends! I’m hoping we can make it to story time this morning (I’ve been super lazy lately) and then I have my weekly NST and ultra sound appointment this afternoon (yay on getting to see the baby so much!). Make sure you come back tomorrow for a super fun one! :)