The great crib dilemma and other ridiculous problems…

Please excuse me while I ramble on about the most ridiculous things in the following post… :)

Ok so here’s the deal, I have no idea where to put this baby when it arrives. Ok so truthfully he will sleep in his little sleeper next to our bed for quite a while like Jude did, but once it’s time for him to move to a crib, I’m lost.

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

one of the prints I designed for Jude’s room

Right now we have Jude’s room and my office. The plan is to empty out my office to turn it back into a bedroom. We are rearranging the desk in the kitchen to become my work desk (which I’m actually getting excited about!) But who will be sleeping in the room that was my office?

I’m very torn between keeping Jude in his current room and moving him to the other room and making it a “big boy” room. Part of me has a very sentimental attachment to his current room because of the amazing wood wall Brandon built in it. I feel like we built that room and that wall for Jude and now I’m taking it away. Can you tell I’m a little hormonal?

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

BTR building the wall in Jude’s room

And my other concern is if we do make a new room for Jude and put the baby in Jude’s current room is that we aren’t creating a new space and just giving him the leftovers. I’d probably buy some new patterned sheets, make some new prints for the frames, and maybe switch out the curtains, but other than that it would probably stay the same. Which also means our newborn photos that we are going to have done at home will look very similar. But is that really a problem? Or am I still just being hormonal?

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

The other dilemma for me though is what Jude will be sleeping in. He is currently still in his crib and hasn’t really made any attempts to climb out. So why mess with a good thing? Except that I’m too cheap to buy a second crib (even one from IKEA) because I know the day I buy another crib he will start climbing out of his. And that would make me stabby. And while his current crib does convert into a toddler bed and then a big bed, it isn’t really our style. I love it as a crib, but just a crib.

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

So since we’ve decided Jude is getting kicked out of the crib sooner than later, we are coming up with plans to make Jude a big boy bed regardless of what room he goes in. So do we design (yes BTR is going to make the bed and frame, we have big ideas I can’t wait to share!) Jude’s new bed to be a toddler size bed or do we go ahead and move to the next size, which I think is a twin? I really don’t understand bed sizing except that our bed is a queen and that was the biggest mistake we made when we got married because now I have to share my bed with BTR, a small dog, and a big dog. My next plan is to convince BTR to build us a new bed frame so we can get a king size mattress. Maybe this summer? :)

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

the bookshelf BTR built for Jude’s room

Ok so lay it on me, what did you do when you had your second baby? New room, same room? New crib, same crib? Tell me I’m not completely crazy over here!

  • When I was pregnant with my daughter, we made the smaller of the two guest bedrooms her room simply because it was empty. We had every intention of putting her in the larger room eventually, just not then. We ended up turning the other bedroom into her big girl room this past summer and attempted to move her in there in September. It did not go well. She was terrified. We eventually got her transitioned into the new room last month, but not without lots of late nights and tears. Just keep that in mind – it may be a rough transition from one room to the other for Jude. And P.S. LOVE Jude’s room!

    • That’s my other concern, will he freak out being in a new room! He’s an awesome sleeper so that’s something I just don’t want to mess with! And thank you, I love his room too! :)

  • Meghan Flinn

    If you go to a big bed for Jude I’d go right to a full. That way it can grow with him and still be long enough when he’s a tall teenager. And it’s easier to read books with him in bed and just in case you need to stay with him when he’s sick. As long as the room is big enough that would be my suggestion. As for who gets what room, have you considered asking Jude? He may be excited for a new room or very set on staying where it’s familiar.

    • I was considering a full, but I think with what Brandon wants to build (it’s a bit crazy but I’m obsessed with it) a twin will be better and then we can pass this to the next kid at some point. Maybe I should ask Jude what he wants! :)

  • I say go straight to the twin bed and skip the toddler size (which would still need a crib-size mattress, why have two?) Less transitions is always a good thing. I know it seems like a huge deal as you live it but when the time comes to make those final decisions, youll know exactly what to do :)

    • I think the twin is going to be the best option right now! Plus he can still sleep in the crib for a while if he hates the new room since the baby will be in our room at first! I just don’t like change at first, but I know it will all work out in the end! :)

  • Jessica

    Wow that wall is amazing!!! I want one. :) We created Cam’s room specifically for him too. When I was pregnant with Emmy we moved Cam into a big into a big boy bed a few months before she was born. He did great. We got lucky there. People kept telling me I should move Cam into the other bedroom and put the baby into the “nursery.” I was against it immediately. In my opinion it’s Cam’s room. Why rock his boat even more by moving him into a different room when his world is already gonna change so much by a new baby. That’s just me though. No worries friend, I promise it’ll all work out and like you said Baby will be in your room for a while so you have time. :)

    • I just have all the emotions for his room, so glad you understand what I’m saying! The only thing is, with the bed BTR is planning on building, we think it might look better against a painted wall instead of a wood wall, which is why we thought we should move Jude. I just don’t like change at first, but we’ll figure it out eventually!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    First : can BTR come over and whip up a few pretty wood pieces for me? I’m swooning over his craftsmanship.
    Second : Marcus stayed in his room, but we totally changed it to become a big boy room. Complete with a full size bed and all new decor. Julia has her own room, but I feel like she kind of got the shaft. It is SO much smaller than Marcus’, and her closet is a fraction of his. #secondchildproblems

    • BTR can totally come make you some stuff, I think an extended work/vacation in CA sounds awesome! And yes I totally feel bad for the second kid, especially since it’s another boy because he is basically getting no new clothes or toys! :)

  • I’d definitely go right to the twin for Jude. We converted Aria’s bed to the toddler version of her crib, but I cannot wait to get her in a bigger bed. So much easier to read with her or comfort her at night. As for the rooms…I think I’d keep Jude in his and make the office into the new baby’s room, but only because I think I’d like to keep the older kiddo in a room they already know. I know Aria would be attached to her current room, but Jude is smaller. Ask him!

    • He definitely knows it’s his room because when we say “let’s go to your room” he runs down the hall. And I think we’ve definitely decided on a twin!!

  • If it were me… I’d leave Jude in his current room. But honestly? I’d buy another crib! I know that seems crazy, but you can get them pretty inexpensively, and I figure why mess with a good thing? Abbie is still in her crib at 3 and has never once tried to climb out. The only reason we’re about to convert hers to a toddler bed is to make potty training easier…. otherwise I’d have her in it forever! I just think it’s safer, and she’s really comfortable in there.

    Regardless though, I think it’s better for Jude if he gets to stay put in his room. He’d going to have a lot of changes soon, and reading your post, I think that’s where your heart is – maybe you just needed us to say it? Good luck deciding Mama!

    • I was so against taking him out of his room, but I think now I’m coming around to switching rooms. Basically I’m a crazy hormonal mess over here! :) I totally needed to hear all sides from all the other mamas though! That’s why I love all of you so much!!

  • I love the wood wall in Jude’s room SO MUCH! I say add one to the new Baby’s Room and let Jude keep his room.

    And as for the bed dilemma, Wyatt and Delta Mae both went from cribs to twin beds. We just put the safety rails up for a while.

    • Twin is definitely the answer it seems like! And I think BTR might move out if I tell him he has to make another wood wall! :)

  • Sara McCarty

    This cracks me up because I had a very similar freak out, as does every second time mom. Here’s what I would do (feel free to totally ignore/disregard this advice): (1) leave Jude in this room. It’s his, you made it for him, it’s special for him. Plus, he’s already comfortable here and since you’re doing a new bed and getting a new baby, that’s already quite a lot of change. Keep him in his room and don’t mess with his sleep. (2) Leave him in the crib for now. New baby can/will be sleeping in a rock ‘n play or a co-sleeper for months and months anyway, so don’t change anything now. Once you guys all adjust and Jude’s a bit older (end of summer, maybe?) you can talk about getting a “big boy” bed for him since he’s such a good older brother. (3) If you have the space, go straight to a bigger bed for Jude. That way you can lay in it with him and read books or nap or whatever. (4) New room for new baby. You don’t have to go all out like you did the first time, but it’ll help you get ready for the baby and Jude can help with setting it up and getting it ready. The room doesn’t have to be ready by the time the baby arrives, since he won’t be sleeping in there anyway, but it’ll be fun for you guys to do together. (5) I want a wood wall in my room!!

    • So I still have no idea what we are going to do. Right now the baby will just sleep in a sleeper in our room so I’m not too concerned about it, but geez we had like 9 months to think about this, nothing like waiting till the end! :)

  • How did I miss the wood wall in Jude’s room!? I am obsessed! Xo, Stephanie