The great crib dilemma and other ridiculous problems…

Please excuse me while I ramble on about the most ridiculous things in the following post… :)

Ok so here’s the deal, I have no idea where to put this baby when it arrives. Ok so truthfully he will sleep in his little sleeper next to our bed for quite a while like Jude did, but once it’s time for him to move to a crib, I’m lost.

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

one of the prints I designed for Jude’s room

Right now we have Jude’s room and my office. The plan is to empty out my office to turn it back into a bedroom. We are rearranging the desk in the kitchen to become my work desk (which I’m actually getting excited about!) But who will be sleeping in the room that was my office?

I’m very torn between keeping Jude in his current room and moving him to the other room and making it a “big boy” room. Part of me has a very sentimental attachment to his current room because of the amazing wood wall Brandon built in it. I feel like we built that room and that wall for Jude and now I’m taking it away. Can you tell I’m a little hormonal?

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

BTR building the wall in Jude’s room

And my other concern is if we do make a new room for Jude and put the baby in Jude’s current room is that we aren’t creating a new space and just giving him the leftovers. I’d probably buy some new patterned sheets, make some new prints for the frames, and maybe switch out the curtains, but other than that it would probably stay the same. Which also means our newborn photos that we are going to have done at home will look very similar. But is that really a problem? Or am I still just being hormonal?

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

The other dilemma for me though is what Jude will be sleeping in. He is currently still in his crib and hasn’t really made any attempts to climb out. So why mess with a good thing? Except that I’m too cheap to buy a second crib (even one from IKEA) because I know the day I buy another crib he will start climbing out of his. And that would make me stabby. And while his current crib does convert into a toddler bed and then a big bed, it isn’t really our style. I love it as a crib, but just a crib.

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

So since we’ve decided Jude is getting kicked out of the crib sooner than later, we are coming up with plans to make Jude a big boy bed regardless of what room he goes in. So do we design (yes BTR is going to make the bed and frame, we have big ideas I can’t wait to share!) Jude’s new bed to be a toddler size bed or do we go ahead and move to the next size, which I think is a twin? I really don’t understand bed sizing except that our bed is a queen and that was the biggest mistake we made when we got married because now I have to share my bed with BTR, a small dog, and a big dog. My next plan is to convince BTR to build us a new bed frame so we can get a king size mattress. Maybe this summer? :)

The great crib dilemma  | Ellie And Addie

the bookshelf BTR built for Jude’s room

Ok so lay it on me, what did you do when you had your second baby? New room, same room? New crib, same crib? Tell me I’m not completely crazy over here!