Valentine’s Day Blogger Exchange

Hi Friends! I’m going to apologize in advance for the very heavy photo post, but there were just so many good shots I wanted to share!

I was so excited when a few of my favorite mama bloggers decided to have a Valentine’s Day exchange with our little ones! Jude and I had so much fun making and mailing and then receiving Valentine’s!

Let’s start with what we sent out! I wanted a semi-easy craft that Jude could help me with, so I started out with some 12×12 sheets of white paper and all the pink, purple, and red Do-A-Dot markers we own and then I let Jude go to town! We did it over a few days since we had to fill four sheets!Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

Once all the sheets were filled, I headed to my computer and opened Cricut Design Space and designed a heart with the words “Be Mine” cut out and a solid heart, and then I got to cutting! I somehow was able to do all of this with Jude in the room and he didn’t even touch the Cricut while it was cutting! #miracleValentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

After everything was cut out and Jude was down for a nap :) I finished then up by gluing the hearts with marker dots onto the solid red hearts and then writing the “to” and “from” on the back of the red heart. After that I addressed them, sealed them, and added some washi tape to the back! Also, you may notice the “xoxo” included with Jude’s heart, I’ll share that craft soon!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

And since I already had a lot of packages going out that day, I just had Jude put them all into our mail bin instead of going to the post office. #pregnantANDlazy

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

When I realized we would then be receiving all these fun Valentine’s, I decided Jude needed something to put them in! I was originally going to make a giant envelope out of felt for him, but then I spotted this mailbox for $3 at Target. #sold

Of course I decided to jazz it up a bit by personalizing it with a felt heart with a J cut in it that I made on the laser!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

I added a little glue to the heart and bam, personalized Valentine’s Day mailbox! And I may have bought an extra mailbox for baby #2 next year! :)

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

Of course the best part of this whole thing, was receiving and opening all of the Valentine’s we received from our friends! I waited till we got all of them and then let Jude open them all at once this past weekend!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

And even more exciting, my new camera lens arrived early so I was able to use it to snap pictures of Jude while he opened his cards!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

He had so much fun opening all of the envelopes and inspecting what was inside of them! Also, we have some seriously crafty friends!

Brandon snapped this one us opening everything and I’m obsessed with Addie sitting behind Jude and watching him. She is never too far away from him, but I’m pretty sure it’s more because he leaves a trail of food and crumbs everywhere he goes.

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

This exchange was SO much fun and I hope we can do it again next year! Jude has been taking all of his cards in and out of his little mailbox the past few days and he loves looking at them all!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

Make sure you head over to all of the other blogger’s pages to see what they made and sent out! Everyone was so creative and I’m so glad we were able to participate!

Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange | Ellie And Addie

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  • Jessica

    Love his valentine!! It’s so cute! Gotta love die cut machines! I have a cricut and recently got a silhouette. Amazing! I love the mailbox you found for Jude. I looked at target and found cute metals ones but they are so small.

    • Thank you! This exchange was so much fun!!! And die cut machines make everything so much more fun!

  • Chrissy

    These were so cute!! We have to get some of those dot markers! I also love your mailbox.

  • Jude helped you way more than Hattie did! She just wanted to play with the glow sticks! Loved your valentine and the magnet is on the fridge!

    • I was surprised he did as much as he did! And we played with his glow stick last night! #mindblown

  • Jessica Scott

    LOVE THIS! It’s hanging on our fridge! :) And that mailbox….definitely not pregnant and lazy!! You got me beat, and I have no excuse! ;) Happy Valentines Day!! xo

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked it, I definitely enjoyed making the magnets for everyone!

  • That mailbox is so cute! I wonder if I can still find a few at my Target? And your photos are fab! The one of the dog is priceless. <3 <3

    • Check Target online (it should link above) and it might tell you which local stores still have it in stock!

  • Sara McCarty

    Love this! That mailbox is amazing! Also, your photos!!!! WOW!! Love the pictures you posted!

    • Thank you!! We’ve been practicing our counting! ;) Also that lens, OMG that lens! Game changer. I’m kicking myself for not taking that class and buying a lens sooner. Why didn’t I listen to you!?! I’m never leaving the house without my big camera again!

  • We need those Dot markers in our life. I’m sure my son would go crazy! We have that same mailbox from target. Everything is so cute! xo

  • oh good idea with the personalizing! We got the same mailbox, but I’m not that clever. Nor do I have a cricut! Total need btw. I’m impressed with his dot skills Aria always slides things like that. I’m like just stamp it, once….come on you can do it!! Nope.

  • chall1018

    We loved yours! Thank you. These pictures are all adorable. And I love that mailbox. I didn’t see that one at our Target!

  • I wanted that felt mailbox SO bad! Brian totally popped my bubble when he asked, “why?” haha, men… Love your magnet! Its going to be on the fridge all year long :)

    • So glad you liked the magnet! And when I came home with 2 of those mailboxes my husband looked at me like I was crazy!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    LOVED your Valentine!!! The XO magnet is so cute. And I’m slightly jealous you have such cool tools at your disposal to make such fun things! I’m also seriously impressed with Jude’s crafting skills. I could barely get Marcus to slap some glue on a few of ours!

    • I’m shocked Jude helped as much as he did, although I did have to encourage some of the dotting! :)

  • I wondered how you did these! We got ours yesterday (which is why it wasn’t in the photo – sorry!!) but I thought it was SO cute!!! I love that you even got Jude his own little mail box for everything also (and picked up one for baby #2!). Love it!

    • I was just so excited to craft for this exchange because I feel like I never get to do crafts for fun! And I really like to plan ahead! :) #matchingboys

  • Meghan Flinn

    I loved yours! I loved how you got him involved while adding some finesse to it with the be mine overlay! Thanks for joining in on the Valentine fun!

  • Jenny Howell

    I had 3 little ones close together and LOved the dot paints!!! I forgot about them… Now those 3 are teens and we’ve added 2 more. I’ve got to find those for some super cute mess free fun!