Friday Favorites – Eating All The Fudge

It’s time for Friday Favorites!

I’m so excited it’s Friday! Today is BTR’s last day of work for TWO WEEKS!! We don’t really have much planned for break and it’s kind of awesome having all that freedom! Let’s get to my favorites this week!

Thank you to everyone that entered my Santa Glass Giveaway last week! The lucky winner was Desiree (go read her blog, she has two of the cutest little ones!)!

Did you see the Christmas Pajama Party post yesterday? You still have time to link up either on the blog or on Instagram using the tag #christmasjamparty15

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

And also, did you see our Santa pictures? You should definitely check out Jude’s screaming face that turned happy in a matter of 30 seconds!

So I bought this sweater/hoodie at Target earlier this week (I think I’ve been to Target three times this week #dontjudge). And I’ve already worn it twice, and I’m pretty sure I want to wear it again tomorrow. So basically what I’m saying is you need to go to Target now and buy this sweater in every color. Because it’s that comfortable and it’s on sale!

Did you see the Netflix teaser for Fuller House? I seriously am excited to watch it when it comes out in February! #sorrybtr

Let’s not talk about how much fudge I’ve eaten in the past two weeks. Or how many pans are left in my kitchen that I am going to continue to eat. #blameitonthebaby

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of holiday fun planned!

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  • Jessica

    That sweater is awesome and looks so comfy! Umm I was told yesterday how much is spent at target over the last month and that I need to control myself. Ha ha!

    • I do not want to look at my bank statements after this month! January spending freeze coming soon! ;)

  • Amy Smith

    So, I saw that sweater at Target, but I didn’t try it on. Now, I’m kicking myself that I did. It just looked really big & baggy. Shoot! I guess I’ll just have to go back. :) Happy weekend!

    • Ok it is a little baggy and I got a large so it’s actually pretty big. But I also went bigger so that the bump can grow into the next few months!

  • Yes to the Fuller House teaser! So stinkin’ excited for that!! And that sweater… <3 <3

  • Jessica Scott

    This top keeps popping up, so I think I need to buy it! :) Can’t wait for Full(er) House!! I hope it lives up to my eight-year-old expectations like the original did!!

    • It’s soooooo comfortable, I want to live in it! I hope the show is just as good too!!

  • So I tried that sweater on but they didn’t have my size in any color…I was so bummed because it was SOOOO soft and comfy! I may have to check another Target this weekend. And that would be my fourth trip for the week too…whoops! Have a great couple of weeks with the hubs at home!!

  • That sweater looks so cute!!! I may just need to take my second (or is it third??) trip to Target this weekend to get one! Or maybe I’ll order online and avoid the craziness that is the weekend before Christmas?? Also, there is no such thing as too much fudge. Every time I see you post about it, you make me want some so bad!!!

    • We should all just stop counting how often we go to Target, we know it’s a lot! :) And I’m totally about ordering stuff online, free shipping with the red card! And surprise, we STILL have leftover fudge, but it’s so good and still fresh so I just can’t throw it out…

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    WOOHOO!!! I’m so pumped about the Santa glass!! Thank you so much!!
    That sweater! I was JUST at Target today (and yesterday, and the day before), but totally skipped past the clothes. #fail I’m pretty sure I could find another reason to hit up the store one more time today… Or tomorrow. :)

    • Honestly I never go through the clothes at Target! But I saw this one online somewhere so I made it my mission to find it. And then I bought it in a second color.

  • Sara McCarty

    I want that sweater!! And yay yay yay for Full House!! Cannot wait!

    • I may have it in two colors. And I may have worn them EVERYDAY of Christmas break.