Christmas Pajama Party

Welcome to the Christmas Pajama Party!

And as usual I waited till the laaaaaast possible minute to snap some pictures of Jude in his Christmas pajamas to share for today’s Christmas Pajama Party Link Up! Which is horrible because I’m even one of the hosts for the link up! Get all the details and link up with us below!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

I realized two things while taking these photos last night and then again taking more this morning. 1. Toddlers NEVER stop moving. 2. I really need to take a class on how to use my real camera! Why do I need to take a class? Because 90% of my pictures ended up like this one…

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

Oh well, we had fun running around the house playing and reading books while snapping photos!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

BTR even let him put the star on the real tree again last night, he loved it!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

Also I could not love his Christmas pajamas from Hanna Andersson more! We had a zip up pair last year, but this year I got a two piece set and they have knee patches and I’m obsessed. Plus I bought them way too big and hopefully they will fit again next year! I can’t find this pair on their site, but here’s a link to the regular striped pajamas!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

And this snowman cup? It was the key to any decent pictures we took this morning!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

And to see Jude in his Christmas pajamas last year, click here!

Now it’s your turn! We want to see your cuties in their Christmas pajamas!

Christmas Pajama Party | Ellie And Addie

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  • Oh my gosh he is the cutest! And like you, all my pictures turn out blurry. I literally delete hundreds a day (or what feels like hundreds) to find the ONE non-blurry one! At what age do they hold still for pictures??
    We love the Hanna jams too! Mason has some of the regular striped ones but I’m DYING over the knee patches on Jude’s!! Next year you will HAVE to get matching ones!

    • Seriously, if he would stop moving for 15 seconds!! And yes, I’m pretty darn excited about matching hanna jams next year! :)

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Ha! I have to delete SO many blurry pics!
    I’m dying over those jammies! I think I need to get a pair for Marcus *and* Julia for next year. The knee patches? THE cutest!

    • Half of my iphoto is blurry photos, I probably need to go through and delete them! And yes you definitely need matching jams next year!

  • Lol isn’t that what it’s all about though trying to photograph a toddler? I basically just chase Scarlett around everywhere with the camera, it’s been so nice to have a newborn who just lays there for me to take pictures of LOL

    Jude looks adorable in his holiday PJs! XO

    • I know! I look at all of the pictures from last Christmas and Jude couldn’t move so they are so adorable, and this year everything is just a constant blur! I can’t wait for a non-moving photo subject this spring! :)

  • Meghan Flinn

    Hanna pjs are hands down the best! And I’m loving the knee patches! Even with bribery I can only get Noah to stand still for 10 seconds at a time… So I feel your pain! And then shooting at night when it’s dark and all you’ll get is a blurry mess! I was tempted to do pj photo shoots in the middle of the day!

    • Exactly why we had two photo shoots this year! :) All of your pj photos looked so cute though!

  • Jessica

    Love the jammies!! Adorable! I love HA pajamas but just can’t get myself to spend the money. I need to take a photography class too. Ugh!

    • Thank you! Wait for a HA sale!! I’ve only bought mine on sale, and they really are the best quality PJs compared to all the others we have (and we have lots of footie Carters pjs)! :) Plus I buy big to hopefully wear longer!

  • Im so obssessed with Jude’s Hanna jammies!!! Im thinking of going big next year and getting the girls matching ones ;)

    • Thank you! And definitely get them!! Wait for a sale and snag them a bit bigger and they will last longer!!