Friday Favorites + A GIVEAWAY!

Hi Friends! It’s time for Friday Favorites + A Giveaway!

Today’s Favorites is more of a currently post because I haven’t done one in a while! And make sure you make it to the end of the post for a super awesome GIVEAWAY

Feeling – like a bad gift giver because I can’t keep a secret and already gave BTR some slippers I bought him. But I came up with another fun idea so hopefully I can keep that one a secret!

Drinking – all the hot chocolate and loving getting free things in the mail from Starbucks Rewards. I have no idea what mailing list I got on, but this is like the third sample/coupon they’ve sent me in the past few months!

Friday Favorites + A GIVEAWAY

Loving – the new Netflix parental leave policy! Too bad I’m self-employed so maternity leave is basically non-existent! BUT I wouldn’t trade it for getting to stay home with Jude every single day! :)

Patiently waiting – to get our Santa pictures back! We also got a few family snaps that I’m hoping will work for our Christmas card, because no I have not designed them yet. #slacker The photographer shared this one on Facebook and I’m OBSESSED!

Friday Favorites - A GIVEAWAY

Craving – this pasta recipe Sara shared. I definitely need to add the ingredients to our grocery list!

Admiring – all the shiny baubles that came in the mail from Accessory Concierge! So I might have gone overboard and placed two orders when they had their GMA specials a few weeks ago. But actually a couple are gifts so don’t judge me! And they were a STEAL at only $12 each and I hate spending tons of money on jewelry.

Friday Favorites - A GIVEAWAY

Enjoying – reading all of the traditions on this post on Savvy Sassy Moms. You might even see a super cute dude putting the star on the tree! :)

Feeling old – because when I was driving home from yoga the other night I was flipping through radio stations and just had to stop it on “Get Low” so I could jam out and pretend like I was still in college in the parlor room at the Sigma Chi House. #IKnowImNotCool

Working – on a stocking stuffer gift guide. Yes it’s basically too late for gift guides, but I don’t care I want to share it anyway!

Clicking – everyday to try and win Starbucks for life!

Crafting – all the time. I bought this adorable paper chain printable from Caravan Shoppe and it’s hanging in our kitchen!

Friday Favorites - A GIVEAWAY

Obsessing – over checking the mail. All the fun things I ordered the past few weeks from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are starting to show up and I can’t wait to wrap everything up for Christmas! Yes even things I ordered for myself!

Friday Favorites - A GIVEAWAY

Lasering – lots of wine glasses. We just opened up orders online (get more details here) and to celebrate I’m giving away a Santa glass set! It includes one “Santa Baby” wine glass and a “Santa’s Beer” pint glass! You can enter below via Rafflecopter and for extra entries tag your friends on Instagram!

Friday Favorites - A GIVEAWAY

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Jessica Scott

    Fun stuff!!! I am pretty much done shopping except for Chad…we are just doing stocking stuffers, so I want to find a couple more things. I did everything online, and it’s been so nice to just sit back and actually enjoying our Christmas decorations and events!!

    • Online shopping is totally my thing and then it’s so much fun checking the mail!

  • Elizabeth

    I wish I was on that Starbucks mailing list that you’re on! That hot cocoa sounds delicious!

  • Oh, it’s my favorite time of year to check the mail..!! I forget all that I’ve bought online so it’s always a surprise what package will arrive. :) I’m loving watching everything you guys laser. I’m probably 95% ready for Christmas, I tried so hard to get everything taken care of early. I just end up buying last minute things I probably don’t really need..

    • Forgetting what I bought and then it arriving is seriously the best, it’s like a little mini Christmas everyday checking the mail! OMG we have so many laser things going on and then I have a person list a mile long, someday I’ll get to it all! :)

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet. (:

  • Sara McCarty

    I love so much of this post! Yes, please try the pasta! And thank you for sharing! Obsessed with those mugs! I want! And those necklaces! Gorgeous! We need to do dinner soon so you can wear them out! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos of Jude! He gets more handsome by the day!

  • Jennifer Cates

    I agree! Do tell about this Starbucks mailing list!

    • Well I’m have a Starbucks Rewards account so I guess it happened from there? But it’s the best!

  • Kelley Isinger

    The picture of your little boy is precious- Jude is such a cutie! Oh and we love Tegu blocks in our house- so great for travel! Happy weekend!

  • Sign me up for the Starbucks mailing list your on, great coupons! Its never too late for gift ideas and I adore stocking stuffers!

  • Okay what’s the bird? I love those cups – IDK if it would suction to stainless well though? They were on I Want That earlier this year and I’ve had my eye on them!

    • The bird is a package for a ring sling I got for baby #2, so it’s a gift for me! :) And the hooks for the cups are actually a sticky pad, not suction, so they should stick anywhere! I’m not sure Jude is totally ready for regular cups, but I was already ordering stuff from there and it was on sale, no need to twist my arm! :)

  • Jessica

    Sign me up for the Starbucks hot chocolate pods! Yes please!! I am 98% finished shopping. Yippee! Now to finish wrapping everything. Ha ha!

    • OMG I haven’t even thought about wrapping! Luckily my husband enjoys wrapping (he’s an odd one) so I can get him to help me, most likely on Christmas Eve!

  • i have some shopping left…ugh! i love your santa pics, super super cute!!

  • There’s a throwback jams channel up here that I love!! They recently played Next Episode (Ladadadada), and I just had to stop and listen!!

    Jude looks Mighty Handsome in the Christmas pic. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    • That sounds like the best channel EVER! And yes our Santa photos are awesome, minus the screaming and crying… :)

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Checking the mail is the best right now! More holiday cards and packages than bills and junk mail.
    We are soooo close to being done Christmas shopping. Just one more gift and we are done!

  • megan

    i am finished with christmas – mostly, ha! – but i don’t feel ready yet. we travel and there is too much to do before we leave this week!

    • Thankfully we aren’t traveling this year, but that would definitely make me need to finish everything ahead of time! I’ve been a total slacker this year!

  • Rachel Hager

    This year, I was on my A-game! I bought my boyfriend’s, family’s and secret santa gifts weeks ago. Now, I am just buying a few last minute small stocking stuffers! I am so ready for Christmas! We have about 23 family members all coming over and I am so excited to spend time with everyone.