Thanksgiving 2015

So before I recap this past FUN weekend, I really wanted to do a Thanksgiving recap. Necessary, absolutely not. But since this is now my scrapbook of life, it just feels wrong not posting about it! Nothing too in depth, because whoa long weekend, but just some fun things to look back on!

Brandon was off on Wednesday and the weather was nice so he was able to climb the roof and put up our Christmas lights! I took a meal to a friend who just had twin boys (and already has a little girl) and also went to a yoga class. I forgot how much I need yoga in my life!

Thursday we spent Thanksgiving morning at home with home made waffles and we watched the Macy’s parade. Then we made our way to multiple parties with family!

Thanksgiving 2015 | Ellie And Addie

On Friday Jude spent the morning with Brandon’s mom having breakfast and a fun play date while BTR and I did some shopping around town as well as some #goosehunting for Bourbon County Stout. We lucked out at a few different stores and BTR also got to try it on draft at a local bottle shop!

Friday afternoon we headed to Urban Chestnut in STL to meet my aunt and uncle who were in town from Seattle. Good food and good beer was had by all, except for me who just had the good food! :)

Thanksgiving 2015 | Ellie And Addie

Saturday my mom and I went shopping in downtown Belleville with Jude to get some gifts and support our favorite local businesses. We’ve been doing this for the past few years and it’s one of my favorite traditions! We also decided to get our tree on Saturday evening and Jude was hilarious helping us pick it out!

Sunday morning we headed to IKEA to look at a few things to get some ideas for gifts for Jude and we also had breakfast in the cafe. It was okay, I’d probably just get a cinnamon roll instead of the whole meal next time, but hey free coffee for the win!

Thanksgiving 2015 | Ellie And Addie

BTR also did lots of work in his shop all weekend and worked on the basement. We are in the process of reorganizing so we can have a big play area on one side and all the business stuff on the other side, with a half wall separating it. So far it looks great, but we have a while to go before it’s all done. But I’m so excited to have a dedicated play space for Jude and still have a work area for me!

So that was our awesome long Thanksgiving weekend!