Holiday Wish List for the Toddler

Today I’m sharing Jude’s holiday wish list for what he hopes to see under the tree! Also known as all the cool gifts I already picked out for him!

Holiday Wish List for the Toddler | Ellie And Addie

1. Little Tikes Trampoline
So you may have seen that I got this a week ago at Target for quite the deal. We are in the process of setting up a large play area in our basement and I think this trampoline will be perfect for getting rid of that nonstop toddler energy when we can’t go outside this winter! It looks like it is sold out at Target, but still available online at Amazon.

2. Cars Inflatable Chair by Delta
Okay so maybe we’ve already given this gift to Jude! Like I said we are making a basement play area and this chair is the best for Jude to chill out in while we read books or watch a show. They come in a variety of characters (and a great price point) so I’m sure you could find one your kiddo would love!

3. Train Set by Brio
A few months ago we got a deal on a train table at a garage sale, but it sadly still has no trains. I’ve always been a fan of Brio, but they seem to be hard to find and a little more expensive. I’m still doing some brand research, but I’m pretty sure this set will be under the tree on Christmas morning from one of Jude’s grandparents. However I did find this off brand track expansion pack, so maybe we will also get this as an add on.

4. Mala Easel from IKEA
We did a quick IKEA run this weekend and I grabbed this art easel. It’s probably still a bit tall for Jude, but it is such a good deal and I thought it would be fun for us to play with together. Bonus, if you have an IKEA Family membership (you should, it’s free!) this is marked down to $9.99 though December 22!

5. Backpack
Okay so maybe this one is a little bit more for me than Jude. When we go to places like the Magic House I hate taking the entire diaper bag, but I still need to take diapers, wipes, a snack, and a water bottle in addition to my wallet and phone. I’ve been using one of Brandon’s old backpacks, but it’s huge. So I think this little backpack (with a monogram of course!) would be perfect to hold all of those things!

6. Vintage Play Kitchen by KidKraft
On Thanksgiving we watched Jude play with our cousin’s play kitchen nonstop and immediately decided he needed one of his own! And again, since we now have all this space in our basement, it’s the perfect big gift! We had plans to just get the IKEA kitchen, but on Cyber Monday Target had this one marked down 30% plus an additional 15% making it much, much cheaper than the kitchen at IKEA. I added it to my cart immediately and it should be here in a week!  Of course I haven’t told BTR how many parts there are to put together.

7. Duplo Legos
Jude has been playing with Mega Blocks, but I think he is ready to graduate to the Duplo size Legos. This looks like a good starter kit with a variety of pieces!

Ok, now let me know, did I pick good things? What’s on your kid’s wish lists this year?

I received the Delta chair as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Scout program, but all opinions are my own.

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  • Jessica

    I am still so bummed my Target was out of the trampoline when I got there. I have to find one for Cam. Love the Ikea easel. Such a great gift! :)

  • I love making wish lists for my boys and I’ll be sad when they are actually old enough to make their own. :) Love the play kitchen and the trampoline and both are things we don’t yet have!

    • I’m not looking forward to when he can tell me what he wants, I like picking everything myself for now!!

  • This is a great list! Youve pretty much covered all areas of play here. We got Kinsey an easel 3 Christmases ago and its still going strong (minus the scratches down one leg where the cat got to it lol) And Im still amazed by the great deal you got on that trampoline.

    • I’m so glad you think it’s a good list! I really have no idea what he will like so I’m hoping this will be fun stuff! And yes it was the deal of the century on that trampoline!

  • Sara McCarty

    Ok, so we have every single thing on this list!! This makes me think we already have way too much stuff and probably don’t need anything else for Christmas! :)

    • I’m SO glad to know these are all things you have because hopefully that means Jude will like it all! And I think I need to haul out four boxes of old stuff before we start opening all the new stuff!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Noah is getting that trampoline this year as well! And yes, Duplos are the best! I was never a fan of mega bloks, never found they fit together as well as Duplos. And Noah got his kitchen after he turned one and it’s still a favorite “toy”. We got ours at IKEA… And yes the family membership is a no brainer since it’s free ;)

    • I agree with the mega blocks, they don’t stay together that well! I really love the IKEA kitchen, we had planned on getting it till I saw the deal on this one and it was cheaper!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Yes! All awesome!! We have so many items on this list, and love them! We’re just missing a trampoline, but grandma and grandpa have one, so I’m calling it good. We are still at odds as to what to get our kids. Marcus hasn’t given us any ideas and Julia is pretty impartial.

    • I think Jude got TWO gifts total from us last year, babies are hard to shop for! And I’m glad these are all mama approved gifts!

  • I had my eye on the pink KidKraft Kitchen for Delta Mae, but didn’t get it yet. I should’ve paid better attention to the cyber Monday sales! I’m so bummed, now.

    Great picks, though!!!

  • Nat

    Such a good toddler list! We have a kitchen and those duplos and both are played with every single day. I’m thinking about getting the trampoline but I’m convinced one of my boys will break a limb on it.

    • I’m definitely worried about the safety aspect with the trampoline, #boysareCRAZY! I’m so excited about the kitchen though!

  • Lego Duplos are a huge hit on our house. We have that exact kit.