Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!!! I’ve got a busy day so let’s get right to it!

I really need some new pajamas. I generally just sleep in old tank tops (I get hot when I sleep) but I really feel like I need something new! Where is your favorite place to shop for pajamas and what is your favorite style?

I’m absolutely loving my new essential oil diffuser I got for my birthday! Right now I am just diffusing some lavender every few nights when I sleep, but I would love to venture into some new things! Right now I have tea tree and eucalyptus on my wish list, but I want to know what your favorite oils are! Leave a comment below so I can go check them out.

Did you get your Starbucks Groupon this past week? It already sold out, but don’t forget Starbucks is doing buy one get one holiday drinks from 2-5 pm through 11/15 (or 11/16 if you’re a rewards member, which you should be)! I grabbed two drinks yesterday afternoon and put my extra in the fridge and heated it up this morning!

At the urging of some friends, I decided to make a personalized plate for Santa cookies! I will be offering them through 11/29 for only $18. According to the plate manufacturer they should arrive to me before Christmas so they would be perfect to use on Christmas Eve! And I’m extending the pre-order price of $18 on regular personalized plates as well through that date. I’ll place one big order on for all of the plates on 11/30. You can find all the details and the order form here, or at the link in my top banner.

Friday Favorites and Santa Plates | Ellie And Addie

Okay I’ve got some work to do before Jude wakes up from his nap! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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  • I love Soma pajamas thats all I wear. I’ve got all kinds. I also love Gap Body…I have a major jammie & robe problem! I think we may need one of those plates, a cookies for Santa plate is on my list!

    • Okay I definitely need to check out Soma and Gap Body now!! And cookie plates for everyone! :)

  • I like VS pyjamas (not a typo lol) because they come in tank tops (Im a night-sweater too) and the length is a bit longer. Those cookie plates are darling!

  • Jessica

    I love Victoria’s Secret pajamas. I have a few pairs and they are comfy. They also have so many to choose from. I’m a big lover of pajama bottoms and just a tshirt

    • I’m definitely going to have to check out VS, I haven’t shopped there for clothes in forever it seems like!

  • My pajamas are embarrassing old t-shirts…I could use some real pjs too! I’m pretty new to essential oils but so far my favorites are thieves (I’ve been putting it on the kids’ feet morning and night to try to boost their immune systems during this sick season) and peppermint–I put a drop on my temples whenever I have a headache and it’s gone so fast. Oh and I also love one called Stress Away. I put it on my shoulders after I put the kids to bed to help me relax and not be so tense! Okay, sorry for the novel!!! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! :)

    • Seriously I don’t want to tell you how old some of the tank tops I sleep in are! I definitely want to get Thieves for the the flu season! Do you use a carrier oil with it also? I’m so new to this and have no idea what I’m doing! I have peppermint but didn’t know what to do with it and I’ve been getting strange pregnancy headaches so I’m totally getting it out now! Thanks for the help!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I’m a mesh shorts and tank kind of gal when it comes to PJs. Everything else just feels to hot, or too uncomfortable.
    I got to the Groupon party too late to snag the S’Bucks deal. Whomp whomp.
    That Santa plate!! I’m ordering one now!

    • I agree, I get way too hot when I sleep and just want to me comfy!! I got your plate order! So sorry things have been crazy around here, emailing you today!!

  • Jennifer Cates

    I have gotten into the Gilligan omalley pjs from target. They’re usually on sale and have some cute prints. My mom got a pair that didn’t last long but I will tell you I’ve got 3 pairs I bought right after I had Aubrey in 2012 and they’re still in good shape.
    I love thieves- I diffuse and have a spray you can use on your hands, feet, counters, etc. pretty much anywhere. I carry it in my purse in a travel size bottle. I also like peace and calming; I diffuse that at night. I also use gentle baby and lavender on Aubrey as well as peppermint, lemon, and lavender when she has a cold. I use a carrier oil with most oils I use on her.

    • I just got a Gilligan O’Malley robe from Target and it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever, I will have to go check out their pajamas! I definitely want to get Thieves next!! When you use them on Aubrey do you mix the oil with the carrier in a roller bottle and then use it on her? I’m sooo new to oils and don’t know what I’m doing at all yet! And emailing you about your plate today too!