Catching – up on my sleep. My Vegas vacation has officially caught up with me and I feel like I need a two day nap. Which all you mamas out there know is next to impossible when you have a 19 month old toddler. So for now I’ll just keep dreaming of the beautiful Bellagio lobby.

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Laughing – at our new favorite show, Life In Pieces. It seriously is really funny and we laugh out loud a LOT while watching it!

Feeling – super pregnant, I’m 18 weeks today! And super anxious because we find out the baby’s gender next week!

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Snuggling – in my new comfy robe! It’s just a simple cotton robe from the Red Dot Boutique, but compared to the one I had been using for like the past five years, it’s the most luxurious thing ever.

Eating – The other day at Perennial I ordered their rice arancini balls, and they were AMAZING. I could eat them all day every day.

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Window shopping – diaper bags. I’m considering getting a new one for baby #2 and now I have my eye this diaper bag that Laura shared on Savvy Sassy Moms the other day! Oh and there’s a giveaway so you should definitely go check it out!

LOVING – my new scarves! I recently participated in the Fall Scarf Exchange hosted by Courtney, Elizabeth, and Whitney! I received not one, but TWO beautiful scarves from Tara with the cutest little Barbie note card. Thank you so much Tara! And make sure to go check out Tayler’s blog to see the scarf I sent her.

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Thankful – for all of our Veterans. Especially Jude’s four great-grandfathers. All of them served in the military at some point. Here’s a picture of my mom’s dad, who Jude is actually named after, Richard T. Carter. He was a pilot during World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart medal which we still have at my mom’s house.

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I hope you are all having a good Thursday, it’s almost the weekend! Oh and STL friends, don’t forget to go check out my post on Fresh Thyme from the other day!

  • oh I love the scarves you got! And those rice balls like very very good.

    • I’ve never had rice balls but these were amazing! Almost like a risotto inside a fried ball. Which honestly, how could that not be good?!?

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Those scarves are amazing! And, I saw the scarf you sent Tayler – perfection!!
    I could go for a two-day nap, and I have no other reason besides kid. :)
    That diaper bag is pretty amazing. I snagged a new bag when I was pregnant with Julia. If you’re interested, it’s this timi & leslie metro messenger:
    I freaking love it. But honestly, all the timi & leslie bags are pretty amazing.

    • I think we all need some extra naps! And that bag you got is beautiful (and a great price)! I definitely feel like I want a nicer bag so I will definitely be checking that brand out!

  • I feel you on wanting a 2 day nap! That sounds like a perfect idea!!!

  • How exciting! Are you going to have a gender reveal?! :D Your scarves are darling! I tell you, every scarf I see, I want, haha.

    • I love the two I got, but I’m having major scarf envy every time someone posts a picture of what they go! We aren’t having a gender reveal party, but we will do something fun to announce it!

  • Sara McCarty

    Love the scarves you got! And I am so excited for the gender reveal!! Please text or message me ASAP!!

    • I cannot wait till Wednesday, I’m like counting the minutes! now to come up with a fun announcement idea too!