First off, thank you to everyone who sent me sweet birthday notes yesterday, you are all the best! And so far 30 ain’t too bad! :)

Cracking up – at the last photos of Jude in his Halloween costume. I completely forgot to share these earlier and I think they are so funny!

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Hoarding – my Pampers points. Does anyone else collect them? I have a TON and I can’t decide what to cash them in on! I’m leaning towards the red plasma car for Jude.

Debating – on whether I should keep these Ugg boots. I’ve had my original Uggs for like 7 years and an original Cardy pair for about 3 years, so they are both starting to show some wear. I had a gift card so I ordered the Lattice Cardy boots, but now that I have them in person I’m not completely sold on them. I feel like the material is very “sweatery” (yes that’s a word) and I’m afraid they are going to get super fuzzy over time and then you won’t even be able to see the lattice on them. Anyone else have these or seen them in person? Should I return these and just get another pair of regular Cardy Uggs? I like how defined the weaving of the originals are, but the lattice pattern is so adorable! File this under #ridiculousproblemstohave

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Excited – about the new Keurig 2.0 reusable coffee filter! I had a feeling they would eventually make one of these, and while I probably won’t be filling it with coffee ground (read: lazy) I would love it to make brewing plain hot water easier! I’ll probably wait till I can get it on Amazon or at BBB with a coupon though.

Loving – my MOPS meeting! Two of us had milestone birthdays yesterday (3-0 and 4-0) so they bought us crowns! And I made this little lip gloss flower to give the other girl for her birthday!

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In love – with my new birthday frame. BTR did a little laser project to surprise me for my birthday and even found a picture to put in it! I absolutely love it! I think I love it mostly because I’m so impressed with how much he’s learned on designing on his own for laser projects!

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Okay not much else to share today! I still haven’t started packing for our trip and I think I’m going to put it off till the last minute. The plane will wait for me, right?

Happy Wednesday Friends!