Fins To The Left – Halloween 2015

You got fins to the left, fins to the right, and you’re the only bait in town.

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

We had so much fun with our little shark this weekend! The time change has definitely hit us all hard and I’m ready for a nap, and it’s only noon.

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

Jude didn’t really get the concept of trick or treating, but that’s totally okay! We stopped by a few neighbors to say hi and they loved giving him candy. Also I totally overbought candy to pass out and we have a TON left over. I’m pretty sure this happened last year as well. Maybe I’ll remember next year not to by as much!

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

I think Jude’s favorite part was when we were walking around the neighborhood and the fire truck came through. He LOVED the flashing lights!

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

Oh and no surprise, but I never took a picture of Jude in the Halloween pajamas I just HAD to have.

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

But hey, at least I bought them extra large and on sale, so I’ll totally be ahead of the game for next year! Maybe I’ll snap one of him in them today just for comparison’s sake…

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

Oh and I was lucky enough to make it to Starbucks and try the Halloween Frappula Frappuccino. I didn’t realize it actually had no coffee in it at all! It was incredibly sweet, but very tasty!

Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

And if you want to see a super cute lobster from last year on Halloween, click here!

And I’m so excited to be linking up with JenMeghanStephanieJessCrystal, and Jessica for their Halloween costume party link up!Halloween 2015 | Ellie And Addie

  • Jessica

    I love the shark costume!! Jimmy Buffett is the first concert I went to and hands down the best one! Great idea!

    • Okay I’m really jealous, I’ve always wanted to see a Jimmy Buffett concert!

      • Jessica

        Omg!!! You have to go! He’s the best!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    What an adorable shark!
    We also bought entirely too much candy!! So much so, we are bringing what we have left, and most of our Halloween loot to a local church who is going to send off the candy in care packages to soldiers over seas.

    • I’m working on finding a place to donate all our extra candy! After I pick out a few of my favorites of course! :)

  • oh a red frappula haha, fun! I want one. Shucks. I didn’t know it existed. I love the shark costume!

  • Cutest Shark I’ve seen! We didn’t even buy jams this year. Neither of my kids will sleep in them anymore, but I still throw them on Delta Mae for morning drop off at Wyatt’s school.

    • Yup, in the basement for next year the jams go!! And too funny that they won’t wear them!

  • Im so out of the loop, whats a frappula?! What a darling little shark you managed to catch ;) Ill help you with the extra candy you have, send it this way, haha!

    • The frappula was the Starbucks Halloween themed Frappuccino. It was yummy, but super sweet! And I would definitely send you some candy!