Friday Favorites

How is October already over? And how is Christmas almost here? I will say, I am READY to turn on the Christmas music starting Sunday!

Remember those Halloween pajamas I just HAD to have for Jude (and yes are three sizes to big). Well he still hasn’t worn them. I’m hoping to snap a picture tonight, but let’s be honest, I’ll probably forget again.

I’m so proud of my sorority (Kappa Delta) chapter at SLU. They are holding their third annual Kuts for KCΔnfidence on December 6th and have already started fundraising for the event. They started the event in 2013 after two chapter members were diagnosed with cancer. The first year they raised over $4,000 and donated 950 inches of hair. Last year they raised more than $10,000 and more than 150 people cut their hair. Since then, one of the chapter members is cancer-free and will graduate soon, the other member passed away this past January. Being a part of Kappa Delta was such a huge part of my college experience at SLU and I’m in absolute awe of what these girls are doing! If you want to learn more, they have a fundraising page here. Oh and they made this video after the 2013 event, I had tears watching it!

It’s been a long week. Jude has been snotty and I’ve been tired. We did go to a new story time on Wednesday and LOVED it! Jude’s favorite part was when she dumped a box of toys on the floor at the end. We will definitely be going back!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Thank you to everyone for all of your plate orders so far! I just wanted to remind you that you can get them for the pre-order price of $18 until November 7! Click here to get more information and see how to order!

So my birthday is next week… But we are actually headed out of town next weekend so I haven’t even been thinking about it! Which is good, because 3-0 sounds like such a big number to me and I don’t really want to think about it. It’s not that I feel old, it just seems like such a significant number!

Okay let’s hope I remember to put on Jude’s Halloween pjs tonight!! And I hope you all have a blast dressing up and stealing all of your kid’s candy tomorrow night! :)

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