Halloween Costumes of the Past

A little late to the party, but I thought it would be fun to link up with Andrea and share some pictures of old Halloween costumes!

The oldest picture I could find was from 2006, so Brandon and I were seniors in college. I’m not really sure what BTR was, but I was the Cardinals fairy because the Cardinals were in the World Series or had just won the World Series, I can’t really remember the specifics. Notice the bird on my “fairy wand” aka wiffle ball bat.

Halloween Costumes of the Past

In 2007 we had moved to Chicago and went on this AMAZING haunted bar tour that took us all over the city. Our tour guide look EXACTLY like Jon Lovitz and he was hilarous (and I think pretty drunk). I think the theme was dead celebrities, so I went as Marilyn Monroe and BTR was James Dean, but he isn’t wearing his leather jacket in this picture.

Halloween Costumes of the Past

Side note: this picture was taken at this Chinese restaurant in the middle of Chinatown. I can’t remember why it was haunted, but our whole party walked in all dressed up and all these families were having dinner. Also, BTR at JELLYFISH. Oh, and the inside joke of the decade happened that night, #queueitUP

I guess BTR and I stopped dressing up after that because I have no Halloween pictures until last year, when the cutest lobster ever happened. You can see more pictures of lobster Jude on last year’s Halloween post.

Halloween Costumes of the Past

I’ll hold off on sharing Jude’s costume this year, hopefully he likes it!

  • Katy King

    That lobster costume is ADORABLE! Love it!

  • Love the lobster! At this point he has no choice in the game. Jeff wanted Hattie to be Minnie Mouse but all the costumes were so cheap looking. So I get this year and she can choose next year. She’ll be talking by then! lol

    • No Jude has no choice in the matter either lol, and I got the costume for $10 on a b/s/t board (you would have been so proud of me, it was my first time buying on one!). And yes so many of the costumes look cheap which I hate! Can’t wait to see Miss H all dressed up!

  • Ditto to @QueenoftheKings:disqus!

  • Jessica

    Love the lobster costume! Can’t wait to see what he will be this year! :)

    • Thank you! I think we are sticking with the “nautical” theme, and I found it pretty cheap on a local buy/sell site so I’m happy with it!

  • I’m the same don’t seem to have many Halloween pictures, only a couple of them.. a haunted bar tour sounds like a lot of fun!


    • I’m sure I have more pictures somewhere, but I moved most of my old pictures to an external hard drive to free up some room! And the haunted bar tour was so much fun!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I love that you guys dressed up! Every year I really have to work to convince Scott to dress up.
    Oh my gosh- the cutest little lobster, ever! Can’t wait to see this year’s costume!

    • I’m still working on getting us costumes to go with Jude this year, nothing like waiting till the last minute!!!

  • I love all your Halloween adventures and that adorable little Lobster will always win the show! :) Xo, Stephanie