Weekend Fun

Another weekend is over, and I was so not ready for Monday morning at all today! As usual, we did a lot of work and play this weekend!

Friday after school we did a few work projects and then made one of my favorite dinners, orange chicken from Trader Joe’s! I’m still working on my Snap Chat game, but you should definitely follow me so I can follow you, username is ellieandaddie.

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Saturday morning we ran to STL to do a few errands and an exchange at Nordstrom. Then we came home for nap time for Jude and BTR and I both got some work done! I finally got my plate samples ready to take to a downtown Belleville shop and then I worked on a few backend things on the blog and some work for Memory Miser.

We decided to hit up the park Saturday afternoon and burn off some extra energy. Jude ran around like crazy and even climbed up this ladder. But once he got to the top he just stayed there and waited for us to get him off. So close!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Saturday evening I ran to the grocery store and when I came home BTR had finished working in the garage and Jude was still napping, so he decided to watch football on the garage TV with a beer.

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Sunday morning BTR ran to Restaurant Depot so Jude and I went to my mom’s to have pancakes and then I left him there to play and I came home to work some more.

BTR worked all weekend on some barrel stave bottle openers and I made an acrylic fixture so he can laser lots of them at one time! That was the first time I made a fixture so I’m excited now that I figured it out so I can make more for his iPad stands and business card holders!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

BTR also made white chicken chili in the crock pot Sunday morning for us to eat that night, it was so delicious and now we have lots of leftovers for the week! I think football Sunday crockpot meals are my favorite thing ever. We watched a bit of tv Sunday night and then fell asleep early!

Monday came way too soon and I have lots of cleaning and laundry to do today! I hope you all had a fun weekend!


Also, I wanted to let you all know that I am taking pre-orders on personalized plates now through November 7! You can get all of the details for the plates and how to order them on this page –> Personalized Plates

Personalized Plates