Friday Favorites – Cool Weather Is Here!

Oh look, another week of not many posts… :( Maybe someday I will get better at this…

The weather has finally cooled down! We went to story time Wednesday morning at the park and it was actually chilly out! I really love fall weather! Time to swap out clothes for all of us. And I think while I’m at it I’m going to purge some (read: LOTS) things. I still haven’t read the book EVERYONE is raving about, but it’s on my to-read list (with 598713489 other books of course).

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

Obviously the train table is still in our living room. And obviously this is the best place to play on it. #boymom

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

I hit 12 weeks for baby #2 on Thursday and I honestly feel like a fog is starting to lift! I’m feeling better and I’m slightly less tired than I was the past few weeks. And I’m definitely ready to bust out the maternity clothes already. I don’t really have a “bump” yet, but I’m definitely still carrying weight from Jude (just being honest) and let’s be real, elastic band pants for the win! That’s probably one of the best parts about the timing of this baby, all my maternity clothes are the perfect season to use again!

Friday Favorites | Ellie And Addie

We have another CRAZY weekend planned. Beer releases, food trucks, chili cook-off, and maybe some Swedish meatballs to top it off? Yes, IKEA opened this week in STL and I’m dying to get over there and stock up on a few of my fave things since we haven’t been to one since earlier this summer when we were in Cincinnati!

Thank you for all the sweet notes and prayers about our family friends with the scary health news. Sadly, we got a report of another friend with some scary health news, but one of the people from last week had a good week! Sorry for all the vagueness, but I don’t feel as if it’s my information to share, but I know they would all appreciate the extra good thoughts and prayers if you have a moment!

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