Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent notes and messages about our announcement for Baby Rotz #2! We are so excited!

Jude has this sudden attachment to Addie and I love it. Every time I turn around he’s either hugging her or trying to sit on her. And she is so sweet with him.

Remember when I told you about the new thermometer I ordered? Well the deadline to order one is coming up (in 7 days!) and I wanted to remind you to order yours! I can’t wait to get mine!

We did not do anything this week. I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding lots of public situations lately because I wasn’t ready to share the pregnancy news and I thought I would blurt it out, so I’m very relieved it’s out in the open finally! I’m hoping to find more activities to do with Jude during the week and more play dates with friends!

Can I ask a favor? I’ve had two different people close to us recently get some scary health news. Could you say an extra prayer for them? It’s weighing on my heart and I’d love for others to be thinking of them as well. Thanks!

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