Jude’s Big Secret

So if we are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram you’ve already heard, Jude has a big secret…

Jude's Big Secret | Ellie And Addie

I’m pregnant with Baby Rotz #2!

So I thought I would just go through everything here and put it all in one place!

How far along are you/When is the due date?
Funny you should ask, it’s April 14, 2016, so I’m exactly 11 weeks today. And why is that funny? Because April 14 was Jude’s due date! Jude came exactly at 39 weeks, on April 7, 2014. But the timing with this one is just hilarious to me and I almost fell off the exam table when the doctor gave us that date. And yes we already checked, the Cardinals home opener is April 11 and BTR is hoping for another Opening Day Baby! He thinks we could be on the news or get season tickets for life. #priorities

Jude's Big Secret | Ellie And Addie

How are you feeling?
I’m good! I had some nausea in the beginning but it’s definitely getting better the father along I am. I will say I’m absolutely exhausted all the time. And trying to get all my work done during Jude’s nap is just about killing me because I would much rather be napping when he is napping! The worst thing is the indigestion. I had this with Jude, but not till much later in the pregnancy. I burp a lot and it is not pretty.

Will you find out the gender?
YES! We found out with Jude and we will definitely find out with this one. Probably not till later in November. We will be keeping the name a secret till baby #2 arrives!

Jude's Big Secret | Ellie And Addie

How did you tell BTR?
This is my favorite part! I actually realized I was pregnant VERY early and took a test to confirm it and was pretty much shocked. So what did I do to tell Brandon? Why I made something on the laser of course! When he was out running errands one day and Jude was napping I designed and etched this beer glass on the laser for him. I wrapped it up and had Jude give it to him. He was pretty excited (for the baby and the beer lol). And in case you were wondering, yes I miss beer and coffee.

Jude's Big Secret | Ellie And Addie

What does Jude think?
He has no idea. I mean seriously, no idea. I’m sure he’ll start to understand when we change my office into a nursery and my belly starts growing, but he’s only 17 months right now. Side note: I made the shirt with iron-on and my Cricut and he wore it when we told our moms. So then this past week we tried taking pictures of him wearing it. No joke we took over 520 photos and like 3 of them turned out. #mombloggerproblems

Jude's Big Secret | Ellie And Addie

Are you going to do weekly bump-dates on the blog?
Probably not. I wasn’t blogging when I was pregnant with Jude and honestly it seems like a lot of work to get all dressed up and take a photo every week. And I would rather sleep. :) #justbeinghonest I’m sure I’ll do a few updates along the way, but definitely not every week.

So now you can see why I REALLY haven’t been blogging lately (because I’ve been sleeping). I’m hoping to get back into more of a routine the next few weeks. And thank you to everyone for all the sweet notes on Instagram and Facebook, we are so excited for our new adventure as a family of four!

  • So excited for you and your family!! Hope you get some energy back soon. :) Love the idea/glass you made to share the news with your husband.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Congratulations to you and the entire family! What exciting news and such a cute way to announce. Hope you get some much needed rest this weekend!

  • Sara McCarty

    Yay yay yay!!!! I’m so incredibly happy for you guys!! Congrats to you both! Now we definitely need to get together and have a girls night and celebrate!! Although I’m sure you’d rather be sleeping. :)