I missed the weekend recap so I’m just going to throw it into my currently post this week!

Dreaming – of eating all the potato pancakes and nachos. Yes I had pulled pork nachos at Oktoberfest this weekend, but they were amazing! And Jude dominated the potato pancakes and would not share. We saw lots of friends while walking around and visited a few of our favorite shops, it was so much fun! And now I’m ready for our church’s Oktoberfest this weekend!

Loving – on our new Goddaughter! On Saturday we headed over to STL to celebrate the baptism of our best friend’s little girl. And Brandon and I were so honored that they chose us to be her Godparents! They are also Jude’s Godparents as well!

And I have to brag on BTR, he made this cross for her and then we engraved the back with her initials and baptism date! He made a matching one for us to hang in our room.

Preparing – for all things Halloween. I don’t normally decorate much for fall, but I thought it might be fun to make a banner to hang on our mantle. I also have some fun Halloween colored window cling and I’m going to cut some things on my Cricut to hang on windows and mirrors around the house. I also ordered Jude a personalized Halloween candy bag from Pottery Barn Kids because they were on sale plus free shipping! I’m not sure how long the sale will last so I would go snag one today!

Printing – more photos. BTR just made these new stands that are the perfect size to hold your printed 4×4 Instagram photos! I printed some in the past at Walgreens and they are such a fun thing to have on my desk. Go check out his etsy shop to see them. We can even engrave on them! I can’t decide if I want my Instagram handle on one or a fun hashtag!

Chasing – this wild man around the house. I found him on top of this chest that we have blankets in after I finished cleaning our breakfast dishes this morning. And he can now open doors so NOTHING is safe anymore because he can go in any room he pleases whenever he wants.

I hope you are all having a good Wednesday, I’m ready for the weekend! :)