Here’s our crazy life right now!

Blogging – has clearly taken a back burner in my life lately. I definitely want to get back to regular blogging, but life is just madness right now. With the laser, my business, and a WILD 17 month old, other things are taking priority. I promise I’m not leaving you!

Crafting – We went to a second birthday party this past weekend and I made this card on my Cricut for the birthday girl! I love how it turned out!

Jumping – and running, and diving at said birthday party. It was at the local gymnastics place and Jude had so much fun! We might need to look into actual classes for him in the future! They do parent/kid classes starting at 18 months.

Eating – all the chili! BTR went shopping for chili supplies (with Jude, see below) to make it on Sunday and I’ve been eating leftovers all week. Crockpot Sunday meals are the best!

Heart exploded – not mine, but Brandon’s! I’m pretty sure he’s been counting down the days since Jude was born to watch football with him! And Jude actually watched it for a bit. And then he was on to the next thing, but still.

Late Nights – on the laser! I’ve been making designs and BTR has been putting them on all sorts of different things! We’ve got some cutting boards and now koozies for sale in a local shop in downtown Belleville.

Loving – this weather. It has been perfect fall weather the past few days and I hope it plans to stay like this for a while! I love sleeping with the windows open!


Happy Wednesday friends, hope you are all doing well!