Friday Favorites – Guess Who’s Back!

Hey remember me? My name’s Liz and apparently this is my blog? Yeah I know, I’ve been totally MIA this month, but we’ve been so busy. And I’m such a bad blogger I even missed my one year blogging anniversary! Granted my first post literally said “hi I’m starting a blog” but still! So as a start to getting back into the swing of things, here’s my Friday Favorites!

School started this week and BTR is back in the classroom and I’m totally missing him. And it’s only been two days. Luckily Jude isn’t as super clingy to him as he was earlier this summer (like he would scream when BTR would leave the room for two seconds), so he doesn’t mind being stuck with me all day. Yesterday we had a MOPS play date at a new park and that definitely helped break up our day!

So see all those curls on that kid? Well they are completely out of control and he is getting his first haircut today. And I’m in complete denial that he is no longer a baby. I just KNOW he’s going to look like he’s 12 once it gets cut and then tomorrow he’ll be driving and next week leaving for college. #holdme

Even though I haven’t been blogging all our activities, we have been super busy doing ALL the fun stuff before the end of summer. We hit up the Museum of Transportation a few weeks ago and then earlier this week we went to the zoo. Also, we’ve got the family selfies down!

selfies on the train

selfies on the train

and selfies at the zoo!

and selfies at the zoo!

Without any advertising on my part I suddenly have like 6 design clients! I have one wedding, three shower invites, and a couple baby announcements to design. I’m super excited to get back into designing, it’s been a while and I love it so much! I’ve also been designing some things for Brandon to use on the laser which is also tons of fun!

We met some friends last week to watch the Rams scrimmage practice at Lindenwood University and it was a ton of fun! Both babies did really well at the stadium and through dinner. When we were leaving the scrimmage we let Jude walk and then this happened and my heart exploded.

holding hands

holding hands

That’s all I’ve got for ya today! I have about 6 million topics on my editorial calendar that I want to write about so hopefully I’ll get back into a regular posting schedule soon! I’ve missed you all! Oh and if you see me crying later today because my baby is all grown up, buy me a drink! :)

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  • Yay!! So happy to see you’re back! And so glad you guys have had an awesome summer!

    • Thanks Ashley! And I hope to get back to linking up with you ladies again soon too!!! :)

  • Oh let him keep his curls they are cute! Haircuts are a piece of cake! Miss H had hers months ago because she had some crazy hair going on! Glad you’re back – I’ve been wondering where you were!

    • He still has curls, we just got rid of the rat tail! :) We’ve been so busy, and still are, hoping to get back to blogging regularly soon!

  • Sara McCarty

    Yay! So excited to see the project you’re working on. And we need to pick a Wednesday for a little double date with the kids. That’d be so much fun!