Monthly Archives: August 2015


Remember when I said I was back? Clearly I lied. Maybe this time? Here’s what we’ve got going on!

Finally – feeling better. Friday night I ended up with a fever and aches and literally couldn’t get out of bed. I felt better Saturday morning and early afternoon, but by Saturday night I had a fever AGAIN. So I literally did not leave my bed on Sunday. I caught up on some Bachelor in Paradise and extra naps. It was glorious.

Dreaming – of tacos from Mission Taco Food Truck! They were in IL on Saturday so when I was feeling better we stopped by to grab lunch. And it … read more

Friday Favorites – Guess Who’s Back!

Hey remember me? My name’s Liz and apparently this is my blog? Yeah I know, I’ve been totally MIA this month, but we’ve been so busy. And I’m such a bad blogger I even missed my one year blogging anniversary! Granted my first post literally said “hi I’m starting a blog” but still! So as a start to getting back into the swing of things, here’s my Friday Favorites!

School started this week and BTR is back in the classroom and I’m totally missing him. And it’s only been two days. Luckily Jude isn’t as super clingy to him as he was earlier this summer (like he would scream … read more